Hannah Brown Thinks Daisy Kent Is Best ‘Bachelorette’ Choice

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Hannah Brown thinks Daisy Kent is the best choice for being the next Bachelorette. Fans were unsure if they would rather Maria Georgas or Daisy Kent be the next main role. Joey Graziadei only has four women left and Hannah loves each of them. Daisy Kent, Maria Georgas, Rachel Nance, and Kelsey Anderson are the only women remaining. Joey has also been going through a hard time with the journey and Hannah understands what he is going through.

Hannah Brown Understands Joey Graziadei’s Struggles

Joey Graziadei has had a lot of struggles throughout his journey. He has a fear of rejection due to being turned down by Charity Lawson. He fears that he will not have a relationship that is mutual in the end. When Lexi Young left, he understood but it only made his fears worse. Hannah Brown however understands how he is feeling.

“I loved when he got really vulnerable about how I was having a really hard time. I remembered myself in that situation and having that breakdown moment of, ‘It is so hard.’ … He’s trying to be perfect and has all the things to say, and it’s like having, I mean, essentially having trauma dumping every single day and you’re wanting to be strong for that, but then also how do you show up and how do you make sure that these people actually know who you are?”

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Hannah Brown Thinks Daisy Kent Needs Her Own Season

There are different opinions on who should be The Bachelorette. Hannah Brown gave her opinion on each of the women, but it seems as though her final two are Maria and Daisy. However, it seems as though Hannah is leaning more towards Daisy.

“People are, obviously, really gravitating toward Daisy [Kent] and Maria [Georgas], but [they are] totally different choices. Maria would be definitely interesting as a Bachelorette. I think she would be really awesome and entertaining, but also a firecracker and not the typical [lead], which I think is great. I don’t feel like I fully fit the typical Bachelorette at the time. But then Daisy, I feel, is so sweet and just kind and I think she has a really cool story of adversity and being able to show up as her authentic self and what she’s going through,”

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It is unknown who will be the next Bachelorette, but fans do have their opinions and hopes. She just feels as though Maria does not fit the role as of right now. However, Maria would keep things interesting for the season. Who knows who the producers will choose? Joey Graziadei has some important decisions to make, and fans are excited to see how he interacts with the families on tonight’s episode. Who do you want to have their own season? Do you agree with Hannah? Sound off in the comments below.

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