Hailey Bieber Mad At Dad For Hinting At Struggles In Her Marriage

Hailey Bieber - YouTube, Hailey Rhode Bieber

Hailey Bieber is upset with her father, Stephen Baldwin after he made a cryptic social media post asking for prayers for his daughter and her husband, Justin Bieber. The post spurred on rumors that Hailey and Justin are having trouble in their marriage and are possibly headed for divorce. Although his post seems to come from a good place, Hailey is furious. Continue reading to see why she’s up in arms about her dad’s request for prayers.

Fans Notice Hailey Bieber Is Enjoying More Time Alone

Earlier this week, Hailey shared a photo of herself enjoying a meal alone in Los Angeles. She was eating a yogurt parfait from Erewhon Supermarket. Although she was alone, Hailey made sure to capture her wedding ring in the photo.

Her followers believe she made sure her ring was in the shot because people have already been questioning whether or not she and Justin were secretly divorced. The couple has not been spotted out and about together in a while.

Hailey Bieber - YouTube, Hailey Rhode Bieber

Image: YouTube/Hailey Rhode Bieber

Hailey Bieber was spotted without Justin at the Super Bowl. Then, when Valentine’s Day rolled around, the couple failed to post anything about each other.

On a forum dedicated to the Rhode skincare founder, one fan asked, “Is anyone else wondering where the Biebers have gone? Since the Super Bowl, it’s been radio silent. No pap walks, no personal Instagram stories… honestly, I’m curious.”

Her father’s cryptic social media post about the couple needing prayers only added fuel to the fire and Hailey is furious with him for it.

Stephen Baldwin Asks For Prayers For Justin & Hailey

Stephen Baldwin took to social media this week to post a video asking for prayers for his daughter, Hailey, and her husband, Justin. Word about the video traveled quickly with people drumming up theories about the future of her marriage.

Her dad posted the video with good reason, a source close to the couple shared. However, the exact reason Stephen Baldwin was requesting prayers is still unknown. “Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection, and to draw close to the Lord,” he captioned the video.

Following the cryptic post, he shared a video of Justin Bieber singing a hymn, adding another suggestive caption to the post.

Fans were quick to comment on the odd post from Stephen Baldwin. One person shared a screenshot of the video to a Reddit thread saying that it was weird of him to post the prayer request.

“I think they are soft-launching their divorce. It’s clear as day,” one fan commented. Another person agreed, “Looks like it…” Hailey Bieber‘s dad’s post only further fueled rumors that she and Justin are looking down the barrel of a divorce.

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