How To Watch The Viral ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ TikTok Series

Who TF Did I Marry - TikTok

The TikTok series “Who TF Did I Marry” took social media by storm over the last two weeks. A compilation of videos tells one woman’s story of how she married a pathological liar and it has sent people on the internet reeling. If you’re wondering how you can get caught up on the details of her story, here is how to watch the viral series.

What Is ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ About?

TikTok was introduced to Reesa Teesa when her video discussing how she came to realize she was married to a pathological liar went viral.

In her introduction video, she details how she met her ex-husband. The pair met shortly before the COVID-19 lockdowns in March 2020. They decided to quarantine together in her townhome, despite only knowing each other for a short period of time.

Who TF Did I Marry - TikTok

Image: TikTok

Reesa then dives into how he started to lie about his background and various parts of his life. He even went as far as to have fake financial documents made up. However, they still wound up getting married in January 2021 and she got pregnant. Unfortunately, Reesa went through a miscarriage, a situation in which he actually used to lie to other people.

“I already knew this story was not going to always make me look good at all,” she said in an interview with NBC News. “But I also felt like the story was bigger than me in a way. In other words, it was worth some embarrassment. But it was cathartic and it was also very emotional, and very hard at times.”

Although it may not always paint her in the best light, people on TikTok were sucked into Reesa’s story. Now, many people are wondering how to watch the “Who TF Did I Marry” series in its entirety.

Where Can You Watch ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’

The viral series first went live on February 13. Reesa Teesa posted her first video that summarized her relationship with her now ex-husband. That video now has more than 28 million views and 2 million likes. Reesa said that the response to her story was so overwhelming that she decided to share the tale in its entirety.

Who TF Did I Marry - TikTok

Image: TikTok

Eventually, she uploaded 52 clips, each about 10 minutes long. Luckily for those who wish to watch now, she has completed the series and added them all to a playlist on TikTok for anyone wanting to catch up. This makes it possible to binge-watch Reesa’s story because the videos in the playlist will automatically play one after the other. The complete series has more than 300 million views. Overall, Reesa Teesa’s story adds up to more than eight hours of drama.

Several TikTok users have speculated whether or not Reesa’s tale could be turned into a movie at some point. Many people said that they tuned into the story like an “HBO limited series” and they’d love to see an adaptation of the series on TV or the big screen.

Have you watched any of the “Who TF Did I Marry” series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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