’90DF’ Michael Missing: Usman Thinks Angela Deem Guilty

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Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have been together for several years. The two have been on 90 Day Fiancé and have always been a source of drama. The two make for good television but fans are not sure how good their relationship is. However, Michael is now missing, and the police are involved. Costar Usman Umar gave his thoughts in an Instagram story and seems to believe Angela is at fault for his disappearance.

Huge Update: He has been found! Click for more info!

Angela Deem Reports Michael Ilesanmi Missing

Michael Ilesanmi has been missing since February 23rd. This came as a complete shock to everyone. Angela and Michael were seen in LA in January. The two are living in Georgia and seem to be doing fine. It has been a long journey to get Michael to the United States and now that he is here, he goes missing. Angela claims that she left to get cigarettes and food, but when she came back Michael was gone. However, his passport and phone were still there. The police are involved, and this is an active missing person’s case.  Angela seemed distraught in the video that was shared, but Usman thinks Angela could have played a part in his disappearance.


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Usman Umar Thinks Angela Deem Is To Blame

Usman Umar is known for his time on the show. He is not the most liked person, but he is not hated. He recently shared his thoughts and opinions on the case on his Instagram Story.

“That woman should be investigated, bcus how can that grown man just got missing? I mean he just got there and if he runaway he will let her know the reason why he runaway. How can he even runaway and left his passport and everything with her, guys you need to stand for Michael pls, something fishy is going down, I pray she didn’t do anything bad to him bcus as it’s now I don’t even know what it’s”

This made fans see the situation in a different light and it is shocking. However, why would Angela do anything to hurt Michael after spending all that money on getting him to the United States? Although, the two have been known to get into physical altercations.

Usman Umar Instagram Story
Usman Umar Instagram Story

While nothing has been reported and the case is still ongoing, Usman believes that Angela could have had something to do with it. Fans find it odd that Michael left his passport and phone behind. Could something bad have happened to Michael? Friends and family are worried sick about his disappearance. It has been three days with no sight of Michael. With him being famous, he should be easy to spot. Do you think Usman is right? What do you think happened to Michael? Sound off in the comments below.

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