Josie Bates Balka Welcomes Baby #3, See Pics

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Former Bringing Up Bates star Josie Bates Balka and her husband Kelton have welcomed their third child. It was announced in August 2023 that they were expanding their family. Now, the latest arrival has made its way Earthside. Read on for more details.

Josie Bates Balka Welcomes Baby #3, See Pics

It feels like it has been forever but Josie Bates Balka finally welcomed her third baby. She had just posted that she was getting ready for her induction. Dressed in a robe, she shared a reel as she prepared to get ready to head off to welcome baby number three. Her face was fresh and it seemed that she was very ready to meet this new love of her life. Now, baby Balka is here, joining sisters Willow and Hazel. However, Josie never actually came out and said the gender of the new addition though she did share photos. They were both raw and beautiful.


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As it turns out, Baby Balka is a boy. Eagle-eyed fans who caught the photos when they first came out saw the baby’s wristband. They had this to say in the comment section:

  • it says male balka on the wrist band
  • Baby’s wristband says “male”
  • she removed the photo where the baby was wearing a bracelet that said “Male Balka”

It seems that Josie and her husband may want to make the gender announcement themselves. Therefore, they took down the photo but kept plenty of candid snaps. Josie is holding her new son while Kelton is looking down on them. The new parents are also beaming up at one another and then there are sweet pics of the baby on his own.

Josie Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Effortless Beauty YouTube
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Followers were thrilled to see the growing family together and sent warm wishes upon the baby’s arrival:

  • Congratulations!! Looks like Mommy and Baby Boy are doing well.
  • Awww so so precious!!!🥹🥹
  • Omg what a beautiful baby 😍
  • It’s a boy! Congrats 🎉😍 so adorable your gorgeous mama
  • Congratulations @josie_balka couldn’t be happier for you what a wonderful new addition to your amazing family

What’s Next?

Of course, Bringing Up Bates fans cannot wait to hear what the baby’s name is. However, they noted how excited Kelton must be to finally have a son. Time will tell how long it will take for Josie Bates Balka to give all of the details about her new baby boy but for now, she is savoring the moment. It will be beautiful when her girls finally get to meet their little brother, though as they are too sweet for words.

Did you guess that she would have a boy or did you think it would be another girl? Let us know and congrats to the happy family.

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