How’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Ty Ferrell’s Daughter Feeling?

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Although each of the Farmer Wants A Wife bachelors are searching for just the right woman, Ty Ferrell has an even more complicated situation. Notably, he is the first farmer to have a daughter waiting for him at home. But now fans are wondering, how is his daughter feeling about the process her dad is going through to find a wife?

Ty Ferrell Has A Different Mission

During the filming of Farmer Wants A Wife, the four farmers still have lives they are responsible for at home. While some of the episodes are filmed on the farm, others show them jetting away for group dates in various locations across the United States. Undoubtedly, it is tricky for each of them to juggle their farm needs and search for connections with the women on the show. However, one farmer in particular has a huge responsibility that he doesn’t take lightly. When farmer Ty Ferrell is traveling away from the property, he is also missing out on time with his twelve-year-old daughter, Lennon. She is from a prior relationship with ex-wife and reality TV star, Sarah Ferrell. But Ty’s investment in the process of finding a new wife is also hinged on locating a good match for his daughter’s life as well.

Ty Ferrell Talks About How His Daughter Feels

When speaking about Ty Ferrell’s daughter, he notes, “She interacts with the ladies and has a big opinion.” Undeniably, this facet of the process has fans wondering how Lennon feels about her dad participating in Farmer Wants A Wife. While he and his daughter are very close, a venture like this comes with challenges. Although some of the days of filming would last more than twelve hours, Lennon was a champ. Ty shares that she says she “had a great time.”

Ty Ferrell, Farmer Wants A Wife
Ty Ferrell – Farmer Wants A Wife

She Is Along For The Ride

Lennon is a big part of choosing a future wife for her dad. However, the process is a bit foreign to everyone. Especially for a twelve-year-old girl. However, Ty Ferrell comments, “She was completely excited,” about him joining Farmer Wants a Wife. And Lennon wants her dad to be happy. He says, “Especially, you know, [because] she wants her dad to be with somebody…”

Lennon and Ty Ferrell - Farmer Wants A Wife
Lennon and Ty Ferrell – Farmer Wants A Wife

No doubt, she was ready for Ty to take on this new adventure. He explains, “So whenever I told her I was going to do this, possibly meet someone, and that she would get to come along and enjoy the ride, she was super excited.” Seemingly, Lennon is a good sport. Additionally, she is willing to help her dad sort through the ins and outs of dating, even on TV.


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What do you think about Ty Ferrell’s challenge to find a wife who enjoys his daughter too? Do you think it makes the Farmer Wants A Wife process even more complicated? Are you enjoying seeing the farmers this season? Give us your feedback below.

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