What Happened To Brittany And Kenneth On ‘Love Is Blind’?

Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix

Brittany and Kenneth were last seen arguing about Kenneth getting home late. This led to Kenneth calling his friend and leaving the house. The weird thing is that they were not seen again. Episode 8 was the last time viewers saw the couple. It confused viewers as to why there was no clarification on what happened to them. However, keep reading to find out what happened to them.

Love Is Blind Season 6

In this season of Love Is Blind, there has been a lot of drama so far. Jimmy is rumored to have had a girlfriend before going into the experience. However, he ended up with Chelsea and the two seem to be doing decent. In the last episode that viewers can watch, Laura and Jeramey are seen arguing because Jeramey was out with his other love prospect until five in the morning. It is not looking too good for many of the couples. Brittany and Kenneth last argued about Kenneth being out late and waking her up when he got home.


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What Happened To Brittany And Kenneth?

Brittany was not happy with Kenneth and felt as though she needed more validation from Kenneth. The two did not have any drama while they were in the pods like some of the other couples did. However, their journey ended quickly once they got into the outside world. The morning after Kenneth got home late, the two sat down and talked. While Kenneth told Brittany all of the reasons, why he was not home Brittany let him know she “craved” more from him.

This did not sit well with Kenneth, and he said they do not need to “force anything”. Later in the conversation, Kenneth let Brittany know “this is not going to work”. Brittany is seen crying and Kenneth is packing his stuff to go stay somewhere else. That is simply the last the viewers see of the couple. It is not certain what happened after that, but the two are no longer together and could not even start the wedding planning process.


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It still confuses viewers as to why the show did not share anything about the two breaking up for good. The relationship was also just all of a sudden done. However, if it does not go with the storyline and has good drama, it seems as though the producers do not want to show it. Did you notice the two disappearing? Why do you think nothing was said? Sound off in the comments below.

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