Is ‘Bachelor’ Star Joey Graziadei Jason Tartick’s Secret Twin?

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Jason Tartick took to Instagram to praise Bachelor Joey Graziadei, but he just left fans confused, wondering if the two are secret twins. Keep reading to see what fans are saying about the lookalike reality stars.

Is Bachelor Star Joey Graziadei Jason Tartick’s Secret Twin?

Joey Graziadei can count Jason Tartick among his biggest fans. Jason took to his Instagram ahead of Monday’s episode of The Bachelor to gush over the Season 28 lead.

The two spent some time together at the U.S. Open in September. Jason captioned a photo of them taking in the match from the stands with the text, “When your buddy tells you he’s going on “The Bachelorette” ➡️ and then becomes “The Bachelor”!”


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Before joining the ABC reality show, Joey made his career as a professional tennis instructor in Hawaii. It seems the Bachelor Nation alum are still close friends.

Jason heaped more praise on Joey on a new joint photo post. “Humble, kind and an absolute vibe. I think we’re seeing one of the best bachelors in history! Proud of this guy,” he gushed.

Bachelor In Paradise bartender Wells Adams joked, “These are the same people.” But it turns out that many other Bachelor Nation fans think Jason Tartick and Joey Graziadei could be secret twins.


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Check out some of the comments on a Reddit thread about Jason’s post.

  • i’d still let both of them do whatever they want to me
  • Jason gives me the ICK. Used to like him but something about him now just seems.. thirsty af
  • I know people are annoyed by Jason, but are people here actually pretending as though he isn’t good looking now? These 3 are definitely some of the most beautiful men to appear on this show. Jason and Joey do resemble each other a lot.
  • Are the Tarticks 100% sure they didn’t lose a third son at some point because the resemblance is uncanny.
  • They really do look like brothers. Or cousins, at least.

However, one fan took to the comments to express concern for Joey’s health.”Love him so much, but someone address the yellowing of his eyes bc I’m worried :,)”

Viewers have been talking online about his eyes being oddly yellow, which could indicate a serious medical problem.

Tyler Cameron Trolls His Bachelor Nation Buds

Tyler Cameron rarely misses a chance to troll his Bachelor Nation buds. Joey and Jason were no exception. In fact, the Bachelorette alum had so many jokes, he had to drop two different comments.

First up, he joked, “Jason looks like the basic cable version of Joey.” Ha-ha, right? His second joke took the resemblance a step further.

This is a before and after of what it looks like when you date in bachelor nation.”

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Do you agree with Bachelor Nation fans that Jason Tartick and Joey Graziadei look eerily similar? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Joey does have a condition with the yellowing of his eyes, however it is not serious and there is no changing it. It simply means his liver does not get rid of the bilirubin in his blood fast enough and that has a little yellowing of his eyes. I am not sure about the Jason perso. Was he not on a season and he and the girl are not a item now and he was not very nice about it? Or am i missing something? Never the less I hope things turn out for joey and he listens to his heart and not any guy opinion. Sometimes friends can be great and at other times not so much.

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