Tom Sandoval Tried To Lure Rachel Out Of Treatment

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Did Tom Sandoval try to lure his mistress-turned-girlfriend, Rachel Leviss out of the mental health facility? The Vanderpump Rules star allegedly did so and Leviss opened up about it. What did she have to say regarding Sandoval’s tactics? Read on for more details.

Tom Sandoval Tried To Lure Rachel Out Of Treatment

After the Season 10 Vanderpump Rules reunion, so much had transpired. Rachel Leviss was looked at as a homewrecker for having an affair with her best friend, Ariana Madix’s boyfriend. She and Tom Sandoval had been intimate for several months yet Ariana had no clue. The only person who knew was Sandoval’s best friend and their co-star, Tom Schwartz. Yet, Lala Kent, Ally Lewber, and James Kennedy had started to catch on with Katie Maloney questioning Leviss. Finally, Leviss decided to enter a mental health facility post-reunion to deal with the fallout from ‘Scandoval.’  It was unclear if she was actually there or at a spa per some reports and cast members.

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

With Season 11 underway, Sandoval has made it clear that he was sending packages to Rachel. Plus, she was sending him letters and postcards so they were still in communication. Though it was up in the air, Leviss opted not to return for the current season. She did, however, decide to start her own podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, where she talks about the scandal as well as the show itself. According to The Sun, she recently shared how Sandoval tried to lure her out of treatment before she was ready.

Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval/Vanderpump Rules/YouTube
Rachel Leviss, Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Apparently, Tom Sandoval sent Rachel a package with a letter and a magazine. Yet, it was them who graced the cover along with all of the details regarding ‘Scandoval.’ Leviss shared this:

“Eventually I got to reading the letter and then I started feeling sick to my stomach because the letter was so insulting to me. He was basically saying ‘in all the years that I’ve known you, I’ve never seen you so dependent on a place.’ He was trying to convince me to leave The Meadows and go back to him.”

However, Rachel maintains that it was not safe for her to leave at that time. She says she was a “danger” to herself which she needed him to understand.

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Rachel Leviss tried to break it all down to Tom Sandoval about how exiting the Meadows was not a great idea. This showed her his feelings were not pure or genuine and that was when she knew it had to end.

“He tried to convince me to leave anyway. That’s when I really knew that this person does not love me. This is a love bomb tactic.”

Since that happened she has blocked his number but he recently was seen on Pump Rules upset she did not contact him for his birthday. He wished her well on her birthday via Instagram but she proudly blocked him and showed off the evidence.

Do you believe that Tom Sandoval went so far as to ask Rachel to leave when she was desperate for help? Let us know your thoughts and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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