Kaitlyn Bristowe Finally Ready To Tell All?

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Kaitlyn Bristowe has always been an open book when it comes to her life. The vibrant and straight-talking former Bachelorette star is peeling back the curtain even further. Keep reading for all the details.

Bachelor Nation Fans Think They Found Huge Clue Linking Kaitlyn Bristowe To Zac Clark

One thing Kaitlyn Bristowe is keeping close to the vest is her rumored romance with Zac Clark. She was first linked to Tayshia Adams’ ex-fiance in January.

Neither of the Bachelor Nation stars has confirmed (or denied!) the rumors that they are dating. In fact, Kaitlyn Bristowe seemed to tease fans about the speculation.

But fans of the reality show franchise think they’ve spotted a new clue that confirms a connection between Zac and Kaitlyn. One fan took to Reddit to share their suspicions.

“When you’re dating a sneakerhead,” the Bachelor Nation fan titled a Reddit post that included a photo of Kaitlyn Bristowe in Jordan 4 sneakers.

Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram
Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

Other fans agreed that the wardrobe choice could be the latest clue of a Zac and Kaitlyn romance.

  • Didn’t Tayshia start Following sneakerhead IGs or something when her Bachelorette season was airing, & that was a big clue that Zac was her F1?
  • Never seen her in sneakers that were well in general rarely saw her in kicks. Especially cool ones
  • This relationship is about to get real cringe real quick isn’t it

Is The Bachelorette Alum Finally Ready To Tell All?

Maybe Kaitlyn will address the dating rumors in her upcoming tell-all? She shared on her Instagram that she’s going on a multi-stop tour to drop some “truth bombs” on her fans.

Her upcoming Pour Decisions podcast tour is dubbed a “tell all” on the promotional poster. She hinted at the content of the tour on the announcement.

“After surviving a rollercoaster of a year filled with plot twists, ups and downs… I thought I would get us altogether and get weird. Share some secrets with my vinos. Maybe kiss some of you on the mouth. Who knows,” she wrote.

Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

The podcast tour kicks off in Columbus, Ohio, on March 27th and wraps up in Nashville, Tennessee, in late April. Check out the dates to see if she’s coming to a city near you:

  • March 27th – Columbus, OH
  • March 28th – Cleveland, OH
  • March 31st – Atlanta, GA
  • Apr 2nd – Madison, WI
  • Apr 3rd, Des Moines, IA
  • Apr 11th – Kansas City, MO
  • Apr 12th – Columbia, MO
  • Apr 17th – Tampa, FL
  • Apr 18th – Orlando, FL
  • Apr 20th – Nashville, TN
  • Apr 21st – Nashville, TN

Kaitlyn Bristowe Talks Addiction With Taylor Lautner

Kaitlyn Bristowe has her own podcast but is also a frequent guest on other podcasts. She shared a teaser on her Instagram Story of an appearance on Taylor Lautner’s The Squeeze podcast he co-hosts with his wife, oddly also named Taylor Lautner.

The short preview clip includes Kaitlyn Bristowe opening up about her addiction to valium, which she’s discussed before. The podcast episode drops on Wednesday, February 14.


Do you plan to see Kaitlyn Bristowe’s new tell-all podcast tour? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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