Usher’s Staggering Net Worth In 2024

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In the world of music and entertainment, few stars shine as brightly as the illustrious Usher Raymond IV. Known simply as Usher to his legion of fans, this multi-talented artist has not only captivated audiences with his smooth vocals and electrifying dance moves but has also built a formidable empire that extends well beyond the stage.

All eyes are on an R&B legend when he takes the stage for the halftime show at Super Bowl LVIII. What is Usher’s net worth in 2024?

Music Career

Usher has been a staple in the R&B and pop music genres for over 30 years. He was discovered when he was just 13. Rumor has it that esteemed producer L.A. Reid, co-founder of LaFace, signed him on the spot after hearing him sing Boyz II Men’s 1991 hit “End of the Road.”

Usher released his self-titled debut album in 1994. The sixteen-year-old quickly rose to fame. He earned his first number-one single on the Billboard charts in 1998 with “Nice & Slow.”

His career continued to rise in the 2000s with songs like “Yeah!” (featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris) and “My Boo.”

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All told, Usher has released nine studio albums in his long career, including the most recent, Coming Home. His albums have sold over 65 million copies worldwide.

Fans can expect to hear many of Usher’s biggest hits during the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show.

However, Usher doesn’t stick with just performing. He raked in some serious cash as co-owner of the Tidal streaming service.

Furthermore, the R&B singer created RBMG Records with Scooter Braun. Their most famous artist? Justin Beiber.

The Voice Massive Pay

Usher clearly takes molding new talent seriously. He was a coach on NBC’s popular singing competition, The Voice, for Season 4 and 6. He made an astounding amount of money for his short time on the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Usher made a cool $7 million for one season of the reality competition.

Unfortunately, Usher won’t be paid for his performance at the Super Bowl. Neither will Reba McEntire or the other pre-game performers. Instead of money, the participants earn major exposure.

Usher’s Net Worth 2024

When his music career, side ventures, and reality TV appearances are added up, how much is Usher’s net worth?

Not surprisingly, the popular singer has amassed a small fortune in his 30-year career.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Usher’s 2024 net worth as $180 million. WOW! Does that number surprise you at all?

If you’re of a certain age, which of his hit songs are you looking forward to hearing during his Super Bowl performance? The halftime show is scheduled to start between 8 and 8:30 pm Eastern, depending on how the game goes.

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