Meri Brown Disgusted Kody Didn’t Step Up & Tell Truth

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown is finally admitting how Kody has mistreated her throughout the years in the upcoming episode of Tell-All. The former first wife is going all out expressing her frustration to her ex-husband. It appears that she’s finally living up to her words of letting her voice be heard. The 52-year-old also shared shocking information about the patriarch’s loss of interest in their marriage.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Talks About Her Covenant With Kody

Meri opened up about the covenant she made with Kody in the latest trailer for Tell-All Part Two. According to the Sister Wives star, she knows that they didn’t break any parts of their covenant. However, Kody ended up making her feel like she was no longer his wife. “Like, I understand that’s how you feel about me, but have the respect for me as a human being to tell me to my face. And he didn’t,” she added.

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Meri Disgusted By Kody’s Decision

Meri expressed her frustration about Kody’s decision to give her false hope and lie about their future. The Sister Wives star added that in their religious background when they got married, they swore to the intention of being married forever. She also added that it was their “eternal covenant.”

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But Meri said Kody never lived up to their pact and claimed he had let go of her emotionally a long time ago. Furthermore, the reality TV personality pointed out that her ex-husband’s dynamics with Robyn cemented her feelings about how unfairly she was treated.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Exposes Kody

Meri previously recalled one of Kody’s hurtful messages to her during their marital issues. According to the Sister Wives star, her ex-husband told her, “Well, I’m just not interested. You can stick around if you want.” Kody’s heartless way of putting her away made her conclude that their marriage was truly over. “Why would I want to do that eternally? Be with somebody who really just has changed his mind about me,” she said.

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Meri Brown claimed that she asked Kody if they wanted to make their split public. However, she was told not to do that due to the criticism and how he wanted to keep it between them. But the single mother decided she’d no longer cover up what happened between them. “I’m not gonna go the rest of my life hiding the fact that this is the way that our relationship is and hiding the fact that you said to me you don’t wanna ever have a relationship with me,” she added.

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