Theresa Nist Reveals ‘Golden Bachelor’ Moment That Made Her Cry

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Theresa Nist may have won the heart of Gerry Turner, but that isn’t The Golden Bachelor moment that made her break down in tears. What actually happened on the show causing her to cry? It wasn’t Gerry that made her break down in tears and “bawl.”

Theresa Nist Wins Gerry Turner’s Heart

Theresa Nist ended up winning Gerry Turner’s heart on the finale of The Golden Bachelor. He proposed to her and they decided to get married on live television right away. They are going to get married on January 4, 2024 live on ABC. They decided not to wait long at all to get married and they are planning their wedding right away.


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What Made Theresa Cry?

Theresa Nist started crying over one of her close friends on the show going home. When you spend this much time with the women, then you get really close to them. Theresa ended up closer to some women than others of course. It seems like she made a few lifelong friendships and she isn’t even talking negative about any of the women in the house.

When Faith Martin went home, it was really hard on Theresa. She said, “I would say that the most difficult thing was for me to see Faith [Martin] cry. I bawled my eyes out that night.” She probably wasn’t the only woman to cry. Faith was a fan favorite on this season of the show. Everyone would love to see her eventually find love.

Theresa shared that she still talks to Faith all the time. She went on to explain who her closest friends in the house were. Nist said, “Faith and Leslie [Fhima] were actually my best friends in the house. I loved all the women, they were spectacular.” It sounds like she made some lifelong friends and will be inviting them to the big wedding as well.

After Faith’s hometown date, she was totally blindsided. She didn’t think that she was going home, but Gerry Turner sent her home. Of course, she wasn’t the one he was going to pick in the end and only one woman can win.

Are you shocked to hear how emotional Theresa Nist got over Faith Martin’s elimination? Sound off in the comments below. Don’t miss Joey Graziadei trying to find love as The Bachelor starting on January 22, 2024, on ABC.

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