Kim Kardashian Not Happy With Snitching Daughter

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Kim Kardashian is not happy with her snitching daughter, North West, 10. North has no problem saying how she feels with many fans feeling she is more like her father, Kanye West. Yet, this time, it was considered rude, and put her mother in a little bit of hot water. What happened? Read on for more details.

Kim Kardashian Not Happy With Snitching Daughter

Kim Kardashian traveled to New York for the Met Gala this week on The Kardashians. Also in New York were her sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner plus Kim’s daughter, North West. Kendall wore a bodysuit and epically high boots which Kim claimed that she really liked a lot. In actuality, she preferred the other look the model had shown her over what she ended up donning. Of course, Kim never told Kendall the truth and made sure she felt beautiful but North had no qualms with being honest.

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North, Kim-Instagram

She told her aunt that she loved her ensemble but her mother was lying when she said she did. Kendall was not that mad because at least North approved and she is a tough critic. However, Kim was not happy with what her daughter had done and how she snitched. According to The Sun, Kim believed that North was being disloyal to her. “By the way, North, you need to have some like loyalty. When mommy talks s**t about people, you cannot go tell them. Why would you tell auntie Kendall I hated her outfit?” Kim asked her daughter after the gala.

Kim Kardashian-Instagram
Kim Kardashian-Instagram

Of course, North countered that she only did it because her mother did not. Plus, Kim Kardashian tried to say that if she told North something, she could not repeat it. Her daughter then said she does not say anything when she’s told not to. This time, she maintains that never happened so she was not at fault. Still, it seemed Kim was not happy with how things went down and neither were fans. They did not feel the tween had proper discipline at all.

North Needs Discipline

While some fans felt North’s commentary was the best part of the show, others were really frustrated with her behavior. They felt Kim Kardashian needed to reign her daughter in more. Additionally, they believed she just liked being mean.

Still, Kim really seemed to enjoy sharing this special moment with her daughter. Do you think North needs to be more respectful or is she just trying to be funny? Let us know in the comments below.

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