Jon Gosselin Thinks Kate Should Get A Real Job Amid Big Loss

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Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife, Kate had a toxic relationship on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Since the TLC stars divorced, he spent a lot of money on fighting for custody of his kids. He isn’t in reality TV anymore and got a real job. Now, he feels that his former wife should do the same thing.

Jon Gosselin’s Ex-Wife Seemed Desperate For Cash – Get A Job

Kate reportedly kept her nurse’s license, and it is an interstate one. So for a bit, a rumor ran around that she’d gone back into the medical field. Allegedly, her life was sad and lonely since she became an empty nester. So, the rumor noted, she sat around watching television for entertainment. Maybe she watched her own shows and rued the day she spent her money lavishly.

Jon Gosselin’s ex actually didn’t go back to nursing according to a recent report by InTouch Weekly. Apparently, she’s hoping for more reality TV work. In fact, her motivation seems to be that it pays much better. Either way, she’s in need of some extra cash, and her situation has been described as “desperate” to put food on the table. Well, another quick income option just slipped off the empty dinner plate and rolled out the door.

Jon Gosselin Wins, Kate Loses Her Lawsuit

Kate sued her ex for money to the tune of $132K. It was an attempt to overturn a judgment from 2018 regarding maintenance payments. Meanwhile, his lawyers felt it was way too much to pay. Additionally, she stood accused of dipping into the kids’ money to fund her lifestyle. This week, the news arrived that she lost her case.

Jon Gosselin Thinks Kate Should Get A Real Job - Kate Plus 8 - TLC - Instagram
Jon Gosselin’s ex-wife Kate Gosselin – Kate Plus 8 – TLC Instagram

InTouch Weekly reported that after Kate Gosselin lost her lawsuit, they spoke with an insider source. The source claimed that Jon Gosselin obviously feels “relieved.” More followed:

It was difficult enough for Jon to watch Kate have the children film during most of their childhood, only to dip into their hard earned money to spend on herself. At this point Jon just hopes Kate realizes the kids are all grown up and it’s time to earn her own money. Hopefully Kate will get a job and earn a living as Jon has been doing for years.

Losing The Case Probably Hit Kate Hard

Jon Gosselin confirmed that the case was closed, and the judgment was in his favor. So, that is the end of the road for Kate regarding a quick $132K to tide her over. Perhaps, the former TLC star will have no option but to pin that badge back on her chest. Maybe Jon and Kate Plus 8 fans will see her soon sally forth, returning to the noble, but not well-paid, nursing profession.

What do you think about Kate Gosselin losing her lawsuit case in which she tried to get $132K from him overruling an old finding by the court? Do you think she should give up and go and get a real job? She might not like living on a nurse’s salary, but it would at least put food on her table. Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your TLC news.

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