Jessa Duggar Shows Off Renovations Inside New Home

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Counting On alum Jessa Duggar is thriving in life amid the controversies of the Duggar family. She has kept the fans in touch about her life as a soon-to-be mother of five. The 31-year-old is presently living with her family in Arkansas. She likes to share updates about the upgrades she’s been doing in the house, which almost caught fire in 2022. Recently, Jessa shared glimpses of some parts of the house amid its renovation. Keep reading to see the fifth Duggar child’s cozy household.

Counting On: Jessa Duggar Renovates Fixer-Upper

Jessa previously shared a new project in her fixer-upper. According to the Counting On alum, she and Ben are renovating their house. This comes after their property almost caught fire due to a homeless man. She initially shared videos with her husband doing woodwork and preparing materials. The first vlog also features more of the exterior renovations, including their landscape and a massive playground. However, Jessa recently uploaded a new vlog featuring the final look of her house.

Jessa Duggar YouTube
Photo Credit: Jessa Seewald YouTube

Jessa Gives Tour Inside New Home

Jessa took to YouTube to share clips from her newly renovated Arkansas home. During the vlog, the Counting On alum revealed her stunning kitchen and spacious laundry area, which were very messy during the time she recorded. It’s currently decorated for Christmas as well.

Counting On Jessa Duggar YouTube
Photo Credit: Jessa Seewald YouTube

Jessa Duggar Seewald also shared glimpses of their bookshelves and massive living room. She even mentioned their automatic floor cleaner. The former reality TV personality added that they replaced some of their hardwood floors due to termite damage. The house is also filled with indoor plants and features a small section filled with family photos.

Counting On: How Much Did Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Spent On The Renovation?

Jessa and Ben moved to the fixer-upper in 2022. They claimed that they spent a lot on the initial renovations of the house. It was also reported that the property itself was given to her and Ben by their church. This also puts the Counting On alum in controversy, as some people accused her of lying about “saving” money for the new home.

Jessa Ben Instagram
Photo Credit: @jessaseewald Instagram

Jessa Duggar Seewald makes income through online advertisements. There are also times when she gets criticized for using her kids to promote products. Meanwhile, Ben is a pastor and occasionally a handyman. They remain one of the most active married couples today. The two recently revealed that they’re expecting their fifth child. Some fans are also expecting that they’ll continue the tradition of gathering the Duggar family for a gender reveal party.

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