‘Welcome To Plathville’ Does Moriah Plath Owe Ethan Money?

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Moriah Plath seems to be very unpopular in Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville. Certainly, those who backed her search for freedom don’t seem to like the person she became. Instead of being grateful that Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia gave her help and shelter, TLC fans think she’s got a really short memory. Now that she apparently denied that she owned them rent, fans discussed her shortcomings again.

Welcome to Plathville Moriah Plath Dumped Her Brother Ethan

When Ethan arrived back from Europe, it was to an empty home. A note on the table explained that his sister had just up and left. At the time, he told the camera that she’d agreed to remain a few weeks after his return. Furthermore, she ducked out of the place while allegedly owing him rent money. The only thing in her favor was that she made sure the home was clean when she left.

Moriah Plath later denied that she owed them money. Actually, it got ugly between the siblings. She blocked Ethan, and then when she sent him a message of forgiveness, he wondered what he needed to be forgiven for. So, the TLC star blocked him again. Unsurprisingly, Welcome to Plathville fans think that she behaves in a very immature way. Also, they think that she manages to turn herself into a victim in every situation.

TLC Star Moriah Plath Owes Ethan Plath Money?

After Ethan’s sister claimed that the lease on their home came to an end at the end of August, TLC fans questioned Ethan’s claim that he needed rent money for September. On Reddit, an OP wrote:

Ethan apparently demanded September rent, while moriah states the lease ended at end of August. Did moriah stiff Ethan and Olivia on rent?

Most people decided that Moriah Plath’s education left her short-changed on how the real world works.

Welcome To Plathville Does Moriah Plath Owe Ethan Money - TLC YouTube
Welcome To Plathville – Moriah Plath,  Ethan Plath – TLC YouTube

In the comments, a lot of discussion revolved around the fact that her original note mentioned her acknowledgment of owing rent money. Furthermore, it seems that she doesn’t understand how leases and month-to-month rentals work.

  • She said she was going to pay Sept. rent, but since she left in Aug. her lease was up when she left so she decided she didn’t owe it. I think Moriah skipped out on the rent.
  • I think her agreeing to pay it was probably more a people pleaser moment and once she was out of the situation she thought ‘ehhhh, why pay rent for a space I’m not in?”
  • The lease ended but if you didn’t give notice you were leaving or the landlord doesn’t give you notice to vacate, you just start going month to month with the same terms.

What do you think of Moriah Plath claiming that her rental period expired in August? Do you think that she doesn’t understand how month-to-month rental works? Did Ethan Plath tell a lie about her owing money? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Plath family.

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