‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Courtney Waldrop Shares Kids’ Milestone

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The matriarch of the Waldrop family, Courtney, previously featured on Sweet Home Sextuplets, shared with followers that the sextuplets have a major milestone approaching. In December 2017, everything changed for the Waldrops when they welcomed six tiny babies at once. Prior to the birth of the sextuplets, Courtney and her husband already had three children: Saylor, Bridge, and Wales. Upon the arrival of their six miracles (Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Tag, and Rivers) the couple’s “Divine Nine” was complete.

Thriving Off-Screen

Beginning in the sextuplet’s infancy, the Waldrops promptly became a TLC staple. After having a singleton, and twins, many were impressed by Courtney and Eric’s quick adaptation to six babies at once. Unfortunately, the show wrapped for the final time in October 2020. They did initially sign on for a fourth season but had to back out unexpectedly. Finally, they addressed their decision here.

On a recent Instagram post, Courtney was asked again:

  • “Will you guys be doing anymore filming of your family?”

Several fans also seemed to be itching for a response to this question as the comment garnered many likes in just a few hours. Waldrop finally responded:

  • “We will not. It was just so hard on us and so demanding we just felt in order to be the best parents we could be we just had to let it go.”
Courtney and Eric Waldrop - God's Divine Nine Youtube
Courtney and Eric Waldrop addressed comments asking if the show would be airing another season

Since the end of the show, the Waldrops have stayed quite busy. Courtney is still running her online boutique, also called God’s Divine Nine after her children. Eric’s landscaping business is still doing well, and the family’s farm has continued to grow. Saylor is now 14 years old and in his freshman year of high school. Recently, Courtney shared an update that his basketball season was getting ready to take off. Bridge and Wales are now in 5th grade and will be turning 12 in January. Unbelievably, the sextuplets started Kindergarten this year.

Saylor, Bridge, Wales, Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Tag, and Rivers Waldrop on their first day of school in 2023.

Major Milestone Ahead

The years go by fast when you’re having a good time — or have nine children. Courtney shared one of the sextuplets’ most adorable baby pictures, along with the caption:

“I cannot believe that in just one more month these SIX will be SIX🥹🎉🥰 HOW?? Did this happen??? So I’m going to go ahead and apologize for all the throwback pictures I’m going to be posting from now till DEC. 11😝 but honestly It’s a good excuse for me to look back and be reminded of God’s goodness and how far we have come!!❤️
I don’t do that quite enough in the craziness of each day!! But I’m going start!! So here’s to one more month of my babies being just one hand🖐🏻Thank You God for these five sweet years!!🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻”


Numerous followers responded that they were so thankful to the Waldrops for sharing their babies with the world. The throwbacks seem to be greatly welcomed, as well.

Can you believe how far the children have come from being little beans? More so, would you like to see them have a return to television? Let us know in the comments below.

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