Mauricio Umansky & Emma Slater Keep Romance Going Off ‘DWTS’

Mauricio Umansky, Emma Slater-Instagram

Mauricio Umansky and his former pro-DWTS partner Emma Slater are apparently keeping their romance going post-show. He was eliminated on Halloween week but that does not mean he is not staying connected to the show. So, where were they seen getting cozy? Read on for more details.

Mauricio Umansky & Emma Slater Keep Romance Going Off DWTS

When Mauricio Umansky joined DWTS, he simply did so because his personal life was in chaos. He and his wife, RHOBH star Kyle Richards were struggling in their marriage. Plus, affair rumors were swirling around Kyle so he felt it was a good escape. Immediately, he had a connection with his pro partner, Emma Slater and it was evident. Eventually, he and Kyle chose to officially separate but she still showed up in week one to support him and cheer him and Emma on. Unfortunately, everything changed when Mauricio and Emma were caught holding hands as well as kissing.

Mauricio Umansky, Emma Slater-Instagram
Mauricio Umansky, Emma Slater-Instagram

Though Mauricio and Kyle were no longer a couple, they were still living together. Therefore, her seeing him with another woman was a lot to handle and she admitted it. Emma and Mauricio denied that they were anything more than good friends, they knew they had forged a lifelong friendship. It seems that it is more than that as they were spotted cozying up once again. According to TMZ, while Kyle is away in Las Vegas at BravoCon, Emma and Mauricio found time for themselves.

Emma Slater and Mauricio were hanging out in Koreatown in Los Angeles having been accompanied by a female friend. She supposedly drove them near the Line Hotel and they walked quite closely to each other. Though they looked quite comfortable and happy together, there was allegedly no PDA that was seen by anyone at the time. It is unclear where the night ended up for the “close friends.”

Divorce Looming

While Mauricio Umansky and Emma Slater are enjoying their time together, Kyle Richards may have had a slip of the tongue. While giving an interview at BravoCon, she shared that she was going through a divorce. Now, she nor Mauricio have ever actually said that they were divorcing. They have noted the separation and different bedrooms, but that is as far as they have gone. Now, it seems that things are taking a turn and though Kyle may be hurt, it is time to move on and ahead.

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