‘My 600-lb Life’: Season 7 Tiffany Baker’s Major Transformation

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My 600-lb Life Season 7 featured the inspiring journey of Tiffany Barker. She debuted on the show at 672 pounds. Her weight gain began when she was a child. She was abused by her father, which led to her depression, and resorted to food as a source of comfort. However, she began to experience health complications when she turned 29. Due to this, she sought Dr. Now’s help before it was too late. Keep reading to see her incredible transformation today.

My 600-lb Life: Tiffany Baker’s Stunning Weight Loss

Tiffany was determined to reach her physical goals when she met Dr. Now. She followed the surgeon’s 1200-calorie diet despite its difficulty. The My 600-lb Life alum lost 100 pounds in the first couple of months, dropping her to 555 lbs, which qualified her for gastric bypass surgery. 12 months after the procedure, the Washington native shed 257 pounds, bringing her down to 415 lbs.

Tiffany Baker
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Dr. Now’s patient continued her goals behind cameras and kept in touch with the fans on social media. She often uploads TikTok clips on IG. Some of them feature her physical journey. In October 2022, the former TLC star showed off her progress. She also uploaded a selfie in June, showing off a slimmer face.

Tiffany Broke Up With Boyfriend

In April 2020, Tiffany revealed on her IG that she and her boyfriend, Aaron Coronado, are no longer together. According to the former My 600-lb Life star, she was left with only a car she couldn’t afford. However, she didn’t let their split get in her way of losing weight. Dr. Now’s patient doubled her efforts to keep a healthy lifestyle. She even followed a new diet of low-fat, low-carb, and keto.

Tiffany Instagram
Photo Credit: @spiffytiffy18 Instagram

Tiffany Baker has yet to share her current weight. Though she’s been very active on social media, especially TikTok. She presently has over 15k followers on the platform, while her IG has 10k followers.

My 600-lb Life: Tiffany Baker’s Career After The Show

Aside from losing weight, Tiffany has also been busy with her career. She presently works as a leasing agent. The former reality TV personality has a series on social media where she shares clips about her job. Additionally, the My 600-lb Life alum also uploads mature content on an adult-based website. She even has her own fan club where members can receive exclusive content.

Tiffany Pic Instagram
Photo Credit: @spiffytiffy18 Instagram

It’s clear that Tiffany Baker is now living happily after her major transformation. She has also become an inspiration to many due to her determination to reach her dreams despite all the odds.

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