‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Shocked At Lala Kent’s New Face

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Vanderpump Rules fans believe Bravo star Lala Kent unnecessarily had facework done, so they felt shocked at the changes. Actually, many reality TV fans believe that she’s so pretty that getting any changes made doesn’t make any sense.

Vanderpump Rules Star  Lala Kent Always Looked Good

VPR fans have firm opinions about Randall Emmett’s ex. While some of them slammed her as a golddigger when she hooked up with him, they also supported her when all went south. Nowadays, most Bravo fans are Team Lala when it comes to Randall. Of course, her daughter, Ocean is adorable, and that also makes her popular. No matter what anyone says about everyone being equal, it seems that plenty of humans like a pretty face.

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Lala Kent is really proud of her body. Remember, she went for breast augmentation after Ocean arrived. Additionally, she shocked Bravo fans the first time she appeared on the show. Her social media revealed her naked rear end. Still, reality TV fans couldn’t deny it wasn’t a neat one. Ever since they met her, fans saw that she really knows how to dress well, look sexy, and classy all at the same time.

Vanderpump Rules Fans See A Photo Of Lala Kent’s Facework

Screen shots of Lala Kent made its way to Reddit recently, and VPR fans had a lot to say about it. An OP wrote, “Lala’s face??” Then, they added, “She has definitely had more work done she look[s] completely different. kind of giving handsome squidward. these pictures are not even from when she was talking. it’s right before or after. what the hell!!!!!”

'Vanderpump Rules' Fans Shocked At Lala Kent's New Face Bravo Via Reddit
Vanderpump Rules – Lala Kent – Via Reddit

In the conversation, most Vanderpump Rules fans felt that it seemed like a pity that the Reality TV star felt the need to change what already looked so good. One of them opined, “She was perfect! I used to think she was the prettiest cast member! My eyes would be stuck on her whenever she was on screen. It makes me sad seeing pics like this because I really don’t understand why she thought she needed so much work?!”

VPR Star’s Photo Is Old?

One Vanderpump Rules viewer claimed that the picture of Lala Kent was old. Still, they also agreed that she didn’t need to have facework done. They wrote, “This was S5, so after she had had some work done but yes, she should have stopped here. Her S6 face was pretty great too.”

Are you surprised that VPR’s Lala kept on getting work done on her face? Even if it was an old photo, do you think she looked just fine with no facework? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, come back here for more news about Bravo’s Vanderpumo Rules.

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