Christine Brown Rare Webcam Footage Inside Wedding Nuptials

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Christine Brown finally had her dream wedding to David Woolley and fans hope to see it on TLC, but a photo has leaked that was taken by a webcam. Now the setting has been revealed as absolutely stunning, fans hope all over again that it will come soon as a special for the Sister Wives show.

Christine Brown Gets Hitched & Sister Wives Fans Celebrate

Ahead of the marriage, plenty of speculation rushed around on social media. Everyone wanted to know the date, the venue, the time, the guest list, and so much more. In fact, some people speculated that David Woolley and his bride had secretly tied the knot months ago. Well, those theories were proven wrong when the nuptials happened on October 7.

Christine Brown kept her actual wedding plans very well hidden from Sister Wives fans. What they did hear, was that they looked at various venues. They also know that the TLC star wanted a white wedding dress. Recall, that her first spiritual marriage to Kody Brown was a dismal little affair. Now, a leaked screenshot from a webcam revealed that her new marriage to David Woolley was a dream come true.

Christine Brown’s Wedding Venue Looks Amazing

Sister Wives fans who discuss the TLC show on Reddit saw a photo taken from quite high up. Shared by u/Piratito, the caption said, “For anyone who didn’t see it yesterday.” Well. no more words were really needed because the photo sufficed without additional explanation. So, as it looked amazing, some fans can’t wait for the Sister Wives execs to air it. Actually, there were cameras filming and lots of security officers safe-guarded the event.

TLC Sister Wives Wedding Venue Photo Christine Brown Reddit
TLC- Sister Wives – Wedding Venue Photo Christine Brown – Reddit

Christine Brown definitely found a fairytale setting at the Red Cliffs Lodge in Utah. Lots of family members attended, as both David Woolley and his new wife have large families. Janelle Brown attended the wedding but Robyn and Kody were not on the invitation list. If Meri was invited, she didn’t participate, possibly due to a death in the family. What TLC fans did hear is that Chrisitne’s dad and her son Paedon walked her down to where she and David swapped their vows.

Sister Wives Fans Comment On Rare Photo From The Webcam

The view of the mountains reminded a fan of an earlier time. They recalled, “When she first went to Coyote Pass, Christine [Brown] said that the view of the mountains sung to her.” 

Another impressed commenter said, “This makes my heart so happy. It’s such a breathtaking view, and she looked gorgeous. They look so happy in photos…”

Here’s another comment: “I raft by this resort every year! Absolutely gorgeous views for miles!”

Are you amazed by the stunning scenery of the wedding nuptials? Certainly, it looks like everything David Woolley’s wife dreamed of came real for her on Saturday, October 7. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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