‘My 600-lb Life’: Season 6 ‘One-Ton Family’ 2023 Update

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My 600-lb Life featured an unusual group during Season 6. It was the story of the Perrio siblings, mostly known as the “one-ton family.” It consists of Roshanda, Brandie, and Clarence Perrio. They all struggled with their weight and sought Dr. Now’s help together. They faced challenges and setbacks during their journey. However, the trio relied on each other and were able to fulfill their tasks by the time their episode ended. Keep reading to see what they’re up to today.

My 600-lb Life: Clarence Perrio’s Incredible Weight Loss

Clarence showed dedication to losing weight when he received Dr. Now’s orders. The My 600-lb Life alum was 582 when he appeared with his siblings in the show. He eventually shed enough pounds to qualify for bariatric surgery and dropped 145 pounds in 11 months. He left the show at 437 lbs. But he has kept in touch with the fans regarding his journey. In June 2022, the former TLC star surprised fans with his before and after photos. He has also uploaded a video of himself playing basketball, showing that he has maintained a physical lifestyle after their episode.

My 600-lb Life Clarence Perrio
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube / @yodyflame84 Instagram

Brandie Struggled With Physical Goals

Brandie’s journey with Dr. Now resulted in a decent weight loss. She was 620 lbs when she met the surgeon. After 12 months, the My 600-lb Life alum dropped 238 pounds. She left the show at 382 lbs. But the Louisiana native struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle without the guidance of the bariatric surgeon. Her music career, which often puts her into parties, also resulted in her weight gain. In a 2020 return episode, she revealed gaining 70 pounds since her last appointment.

Photo Credit: Facebook / TLC YouTube

My 600-lb Life: Roshanda Perrio Still Pursuing Weight Loss

Roshanda was the heaviest among the siblings. She scaled 803 pounds during their episode. But she only dropped 198 lbs, which brought her down to 605 lbs. The My 600-lb Life alum has also kept in touch with the fans online. Many of her photos indicate that she’s still struggling with being overweight. In September, the former reality TV personality shared a photo of herself in a red outfit. It’s also clear from her recent photos that she still hasn’t achieved the physical goals she wanted. She has yet to share her current weight. Though it seems the pounds she lost helped her become more outgoing.

Photo Credit: TLC YouTube / @bigsexybish28 Instagram

Despite their lack of progress years after the show, the siblings still inspired many for how they supported each other. However, they also revealed in their return episode that they’re aiming to become more independent after being told in their therapy sessions that relying on each other too much isn’t always a good idea.

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