‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Who Is Tanner Courtad?

Tanner BIP

Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 will get one of Charity Lawson’s top preferred men who debuts on the beach on October 12. Caution: This article contains spoilers for the ABC show. As there were only eight episodes for Charity’s Bachelorette season, anyone who made it past week 4 could be considered one of her favorites.

Bachelor In Paradise Star Was in Charity’s Top 5

During her season on The Bachelorette, Brayden self-eliminated. Meanwhile, Sean was eliminated outside of the rose ceremony and three guys were eliminated during a date. Of course, those people who end up eliminated often arrive on the beach. However, there’s no dead certainty that it will happen

Bachelor In Paradise fans will see one of those people who were eliminated during a date. If you cast your mind back, they included Warwick, who left in episode three. Tanner left in episode 5, and Joey also lost to Dotun in the final episode. By Episode 5, there were only five people left when Sean was sent away. Then, Tanner ended up gone, leaving only the top four. So, Tanner Courtad did really well. And, he will step onto the beach looking for love.

Bachelor In Paradise: Tanner Courtad Looks For Genuine Love

Tanner Courtad, a fitness instructor, and former high school footballer seems like a happy type of person. Perhaps that’s why Charity Lawson seemed undecided about sending him home during The Bachelorette. Always high-fiving it, and devoted to dogs, he seems genuine about finding love.

Bachelor In Paradise One Of Charity's Top Choices On The Beach Tanner Courtad Instagram
Bachelor In Paradise – Tanner Courtad – Instagram

Trib Live confirmed that Tanner Courtard will be in BiP Season 9. According to the outlet, “His arrival on “Bachelor in Paradise” seems designed to create conflict as he asks Kat Izzo, who had been dating Brayden Bowers, out on a date, much to Brayden’s chagrin.” Perhaps he will get lucky with her, or anyone of the other nice girls on the island.

All The Right Reasons

Hopefully, the Bachelor In Paradise wanna-be finds someone to love. After all, he seems to be in the franchise for all the right reasons. As he pointed out after he left Charity’s Bachelorette season, these days, people use “Apps” and other ways to meet each other. So, looking for love in a dating show isn’t as eccentric as it might have been in the past.

While he only has slightly less than 30K Instagram followers, those who support him seem to be very genuine. One of them said that he’s the “only reason I watched!”

Another fan of Tanner wrote, “Never tuned into this show- but when I heard Tanner Courtad I  had] to watch! GoTanner!!!”

Do you hope that Tanner Courtad finds the love of his life in BiP? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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