Could ‘DWTS’ Spell The End For Kyle & Mauricio’s Marriage?

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Could DWTS spell the end for Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s marriage? They are already struggling with their nearly thirty-year romance but could this show be the nail in the coffin? Read on for more details on how the reality dancing competition could spell disaster for the two of them.

Could DWTS Spell The End For Kyle & Mauricio’s Marriage?

A little over two months before Mauricio Umansky was announced as a cast member for Season 32 of DWTS, his life shifted. It came out that he and his wife, RHOBH star Kyle Richards were separating. They denied this though they did note that this past year had been the hardest one of their marriage. She was accused of having an affair with country music star, Morgan Wade. However, Kyle and Mauricio said they were working on everything privately. At the same time, it came out that Season 13 of the hit Bravo series would focus on the demise of their marriage.

Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky-Instagram
Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky-Instagram

Then, DWTS started and Mauricio Umanksy shared he had been struggling in his marriage hence why he joined the show. He wanted a distraction from the personal stressors. A week after Season 32 premiered, the trailer for Season 13 of RHOBH came out and showed just how bad his marriage really was. Now, according to Reality Tea, Dancing could be the nail in the coffin for the couple. Although Kyle showed up for her husband’s first night, she did so because they still support one another.

However, the couple is officially separated now despite bouncing back and forth between their actual status. The Bachelor alum Sean Lowe had this advice via ET: “I would say, given my experience, it’s probably healthier if you just skip it.” Luckily for him, his relationship did survive so he is a rare breed. Yet, being on DWTS is time-consuming and the couple already struggled to see each other enough. They have so many balls in the air with Mauricio being a top real estate mogul and Kyle involved in many projects aside from Bravo.

Other Factors

So, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky won’t be able to spend much time together working on their marriage. With her promoting her show and him working and in rehearsals, it won’t bode well. Plus, he also has his own Netflix reality show. Then there’s the sizzle factor. Mauricio and his partner, Emma Slater are already heating up the ballroom. Based on the fact that they are busy bees, they are separated, and Mauricio is having a blast with Emma (who is single), this could be a means to an end.

Do you think they will last beyond DWTS? Let us know in the comments and watch the show Tuesdays on ABC.

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