Fans Ask ‘What The H*ll Is Happening To Kris Jenner’s Face’?

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The Kardashians are all the buzz with the release of their latest season. However, recently, fans have been commenting about photos that have surfaced of The Kardashians matriarch, Kris Jenner. Seemingly horrified, fans are concerned about Jenner’s real nose that was captured in candid shots.

In The Spotlight

Seemingly, eyes are always on The Kardashians. Observant fans often catch the littlest changes. In new appearances from skin to clothing to surgical work, many people are astute enough to capture these modifications. Even so, a sleuth presently caught a glimpse of what is possibly Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker‘s bundle’s name. But, right now, Kris Jenner has the microscope’s attention.

Did Kris Jenner Have Secret Surgery?

Theoretically, fans believe that Kris Jenner went through secret surgery on her figure based on details from a full-body picture. Last year, Kris was wearing a skintight outfit while walking down the street. Fans point out that her butt stood out from the rest of her body.  Someone said, “We need to talk about Kris’ BBL, and why is she hiding it nowadays?” A variety of responses followed, “OMG, how have I never noticed?” one posted. Someone else commented, “I guess I was respectfully not checking for her.” Another said, “Do you think she did it so the others could claim genetics? Even Kylie?”  Someone snarkily replied, “She took one for the team.”

What Is Happening To Kris Jenner’s Face?

Over the weekend, Khloe Kardashian posted a selection of clips of Kris Jenner on Snapchat. Furthermore, Khloe showed her mom being wild on her way back home from a Beyonce concert. Kris Jenner was having a great time singing and dancing in the party limo. At the same time, as she lifted her head it became apparent that something was off with her nose.

Noticeably, her nose was incredibly narrow in the clips. As her head tilted back, fans noticed her nostrils were almost closed and showed little more than slits for openings. On Reddit,  someone posted screenshots and commented, “There’s no way [Kris] can breathe out of her nose.” “Those collapsed nostrils alone would clearly make her a mouth breather which would make her snore and she might even have sleep apnea because of it,” another commented. Someone else joked, “She must snore like a bison.”

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner

More Natural Side Of Kris Jenner?

Sadly this isn’t the first time fans have discussed Kris Jenner’s apparent blemishes. On September 29, Kris was seen with her wrinkles, flaws, and all in front of cameras at a Paris Fashion Week event. And some fans joked her face seemed to be “melting” at  Kourtney Kardashian’s baby shower.

Unusually, Kris Jenner’s face has been captured in some pictures and videos without editing, when normally the star tends to use filters to present her appearance. In fact, on August 28, Kris was criticized for using heavy edits while sharing her professional makeup on social media. She was showcasing her bold eye makeup, complete with long lashes and designed eyeliner. Which amplified her peachy glossed lips. But what wasn’t there was all the natural blemishes, wrinkles, or marks.


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Danged If You Do And Danged If You Don’t

Kris Jenner’s editing received a critic’s comment, “This filter is tooooo much. You aren’t fooling anyone. Ridiculous.” Another questioning the validity, “What the hell is happening that’s not her face.” Also, the reposted clip on Reddit had this response, “Omg what is this! It’s so bad it looks like AI.” Calling her out, another said, “Um she looks like a teen here and we all know she’s just a little older.”

It seems that “natural” causes concern and “edited” causes criticism. The Kardashians are constantly getting comments no matter what they choose.

What are your thoughts? What do you think happened to Kris Jenner’s nose? Do you think Kris is being more open about her flaws? How do you think the new season of The Kardashians is going? Drop us some comments below.

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