‘Southern Charm’ Where’s Michael The Butler Now?

Michael Kelcourse-YouTube

Whatever happened to the Southern Charm butler, Michael Kelcourse? He was known for being the all-star when it came to Patricia Altschul’s home. Yet, fans were devastated when he exited the series. So, where is he now? Read on for all of the details regarding Michael.

Southern Charm Where’s Michael The Butler Now?

Fans fell in love with Patricia Altschul’s butler, Michael Kelcourse on Southern Charm. He made everything so nice and was just a kind soul. Sadly, when Season 8 was set to begin, Michael was said to no longer be a part of the hit Bravo reality series. This was a bitter pill for viewers to swallow. They could not imagine a show without him and now, with Season 9 underway, he has come up once again. A Reddit thread was recently started to talk about how much they loved Michael and to chat about where he is now. The OP wrote: “I miss Michael. That’s the whole post.”

Patricia Altschul, Michael Kelcourse-YouTube
Patricia Altschul, Michael Kelcourse-YouTube

A photo of him was also added to this. So, what did fellow Redditors have to say about this former Southern Charm asset? “He was the classiest castmate hands down. I miss him, too, but I get it. That’s a serious health issue… I hope he is taking things easy and enjoying his retirement. No one will ever completely replace Michael ♥️,” one wrote. Of course, it had to be acknowledged why he made his exit. It was for a very good but sad reason.

Michael Kelcourse-Reddit
Michael Kelcourse-Reddit

“He had a spinal cord stroke and he’s in assisted living recovering. But he retired,” someone shared. This assisted living center is located in Florida. Fans were hopeful that Patricia at least went and visited him after how amazing he always was. One Redditor had these kind words for Michael: “Michael was the epitome of true professional. Discreet, witty and a class act all around. Even as he faces such adversity, he maintains a positive attitude. We could all be more like Michael ♥️.”

More On Her Plate

This season on Southern Charm, Patricia Altschul is visibly frustrated that her son, Whitney has not settled down yet. Especially given that he is in his fifties. However, she did reveal that her father waited until his sixties so it must be a family thing. At some point, Taylor Ann Green sent Whit nude photos to get back at Shep Rose after he was unfaithful. This will most definitely be an issue but one has to wonder if Whitney will appease his mother and find someone.

Do you miss Michael on the show? Furthermore, do you believe that Patricia visits him? Let us know and watch Southern Charm Thursdays on Bravo.

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