Single Kevin Costner Parties With Adam Levine & Prince Harry

Pictured: Kevin Costner as John Dutton Photo Credit: Kevin Lynch for Paramount

The newly single Kevin Costner was partying it up on Friday. The Yellowstone star was hanging with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He was even hanging out with Oprah Winfrey, while Adam Levine and Maroon Five performed. This was quite a party, all to fundraise a special group of people.

The actor who portrays John Dutton even made a joke referring to his very public messy Hollywood divorce.

However, who was not in attendance was his co-host of this fundraiser party, Christine Baumgartner.

Kevin Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner – YouTube

Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner Holds Santa Barbara Fundraiser

On Friday, Kevin Costner held a fundraiser on his luxurious Santa Barbara beachfront estate. According to People, the Yellowstone star was the host of the One805LIVE! Fall 2023 Fundraiser. This is in support of the local first responders.

The funds donated provide both financial and mental health support for those who serve and protect the Santa Barbara area. These first responders have been working extra with all of the natural disasters in this area. This includes fires, floods, and more.

Earlier in the year, Costner was unable to attend the Golden Globe Awards, where he won for his portrayal of John Dutton, because of flooding in his area. However, he was at the right place for an award for this event.

Kevin Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner – YouTube

Prince Harry And Meghan Presented Kevin Costner With An Award And He Made A Joke

At Kevin Costner’s abode, fellow Montecito residents Prince Harry and Meghan Markel presented the Dances With Wolves actor with an award for this event. It is because he is an ambassador of One805.

Costner, whose divorce was just finalized this week, seemed to make light of his recent headline-making divorce.

After greeting the audience with “Good afternoon,” he then seemed to make a joke about the property. “Now, I get asked a lot by my friends who have no manners, ‘Kev, what’s this place cost? What’s it worth?’ And I can simply tell you on a day, like today, it’s worth every penny.”

Of course, his $145 million property was a big part of the divorce. Getting his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner to leave his beachfront abode was difficult enough. Then, the former couple repeatedly returned to court to deal with child custody payments.

Costner then continued, showering appreciation for the first responders, as well as gratitude for his home. “That you’ll be here to celebrate people you’ll never maybe meet. The ones who are the first to rush in. And it’s a place that I’ve had a lot of good luck in my life and I’ve tried to not throw up a wall around it, so thank you for coming.”

Christine Costner Not In Attendance

The invitations to this event were from Kevin and Christine Costner. But, she did not appear to be in attendance. This is based on photographs shared.

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