‘LPBW’ Truth Behind Jacob Roloff Taking Over Farm

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Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff moved back to Helvetia and he helps his dad Matt with the farm but will he take it over one day? As TLC fans know very well, all sorts of ugly feuds arose over the ownership of the property near Portland. Many people expected that Zach would take over as he worked on the farm for a long time. However, things went south between him and his dad.

LPBW Jacob Roloff Moves, In And Zach Moves Out

The last few seasons of Little People, Big World brought some ugly scenes between Matt and the twin of Jeremy. Recall, he and Tori hoped to buy a portion of the farm and his dad turned him down. So, they took off and got their own place in rural Washington. According to Connor, the son of Caryn Chandler, things are very tense between them. Certainly, it seems that Zach gave up any idea of inheriting a piece of the land he grew up on.

Jacob Roloff went off and learned about agriculture and he’s really fond of experimenting with growing different types of cannabis. However, he also runs an Instagram account for his dream business. He hopes to produce a range of organic vegetables. Mind you, it’s not clear that he still does that. Actually, he seems to be a hard worker and picks up other work as well. Speaking with The Sun, Connor told them that Zach’s younger brother really knows how to put in some hard work.

Jacob Roloff Lives Frugally But Might Hope for More

At one stage, Isabel, little Mateo, and her husband lived in a trailer near the Roloff Farms property. Rumors that they might occupy the big house fell through because Matt uses it as a BNB rental. Is he waiting for his dad to marry Caryn and retire so he can take over the remaining land? Read on to find out what Connor thinks.

Matt Roloff- Instagram
Matt Roloff- Instagram

According to Connor, who drops a lot of LPBW tea at the moment, Jacob Roloff “is living on the farm and he’s taking care of almost everything, he’s a rockstar. Jacob is super smart.” Actually, it sounds like Matt is lucky to have him. Connor hinted that he has a close relationship with Isabel and her husband and he talked about how his own kid plays with Mateo. He opined, “[Jacob’s] a super hard worker. I always see him out there working.”

No To Owning The Whole Farm

In the opinion of Connor, Jacob Roloff wasn’t happy with the tension in the family over property ownership. So, he backed off from any ambitions of ownership there. In fact, it seems like he’s willing to help out, however, he might not yet be done with his travels.

Connor explained, “I think they definitely want to go get their own place, whether that is a bus [to travel in] or their own house or whatever. I just don’t think that they want to live full-time on the farm.”

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Are you surprised to hear that Matt’s youngest son doesn’t aspire to take over the big farm? Do you think that one day, Matt and Caryn might retire to a small portion of the land and sell the rest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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