Carlin Bates Concerned About Baby, Seeks Advice From Mamas

Carlin Bates - YouTube

Former Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates Stewart opened up and shared why she’s concerned about her baby. On social media, she also asked her followers and fellow mamas for advice on the topic. What’s going on with Carlin’s little one? Keep reading for all of the details she’s shared so far.

Carlin Bates Stewart tries to keep it real.

If you follow Carlin on social media and YouTube, you may have noticed that she welcomes fans into her real life. She gives her followers a raw, honest look into the everyday ups and downs she faces. She’s been very open about her ongoing mysterious health issues. And she doesn’t shy away from letting everyone know when life gets hard. Things certainly get stressful as she and her husband, Evan Stewart, raise their two kids, Layla, 3, and Zade, 1, while running a business. Plus, adding more responsibilities, they have a Goldendoodle named Izzy.

Carlin Bates - YouTube
Carlin Bates – YouTube

The Bringing Up Bates star expresses concerns about her baby.

On her Instagram Stories on Friday afternoon, Carlin Bates Stewart expressed concerns about her baby, her Goldendoodle named Izzy. The last time the pup went to the groomer, she had her hair cut a little shorter than usual. Now, as it’s started growing back in, Carlin has noticed that it’s not quite as fluffy or curly as it used to be.

Because she’s concerned about Izzy, she asked her fans for advice. She wrote, “Goldendoodle mamas I need your help.” With 470,000 Instagram followers, there’s a good chance that Carlin Bates Stewart will get the advice she’s looking for.

Then, she gave fans a close-up look at Izzy’s fur. She wrote, “If it’s just her hair growing in differently, that’s fine. I just want to make sure she is healthy.” You can see the photos below.

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

She pointed out that she did ask the groomer about this potential issue and that they didn’t seem concerned. But she just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with Izzy health-wise.

Because this was on Carlin’s Instagram Stories, fans’ responses will come in privately. She can share them if she wishes, but it’s not a public comments section. Hopefully, the Bringing Up Bates star receives some good advice from her fellow Goldendoodle mamas.

She certainly seems worried about her baby. Look for an update from her soon once she figures this all out. Hopefully, this is nothing serious and Izzy is just fine.

So, can you relate to Carlin Bates Stewart being concerned about her dog, Izzy? Have you experienced this same issue? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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