Hallmark’s ‘Notes Of Autumn’ Is Return Of Luke Macfarlane In LBGTQ+ Romance

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Luke Macfarlane has returned to Hallmark for the Fall Into Love movie Notes Of Autumn. In addition, he is starring alongside Ashley Williams in a house swap movie! Plus, Days Of Our Lives star Peter Porte, and Marcus Rosner round out the quartet of stars in this upcoming romcom. Most of all, this will be Luke and Peter’s first LBGTQ+ movie for the Hallmark Channel.

Here is more information about this upcoming romance.

What Is Notes Of Autumn About?

Here is what we know about Hallmark’s Notes Of Autumn. According to TV Insider, this is the story of two best pals. Ellie is a classically trained pianist but gave up her dreams long ago. Instead, she works at a hotel in the big city, putting her musical dreams on the back burner.

On the other hand, her best bud Leo lives outside of the city, in beautiful British Columbia. Although he is a famous author, he knows you are as good as your latest book. However, he is currently suffering from writer’s block. Moreover, his fans are expecting the next book in his bestselling series. But, he doesn’t have a story to write.

After talking to each other, they decided to switch houses and enjoy the beautiful autumnal weather and inspiration in a different place.

Settled into Leo’s home, Ellie finds herself helping her new neighbor Sam put together a musical fundraiser. As she works with him, she begins to realize why her musical career never panned out.

As for Leo, he begins to hang out with Ellie’s friend Matt. The two get out and enjoy all the fun activities of the fall season. Soon, he finds that his writer’s block is gone. But, his writing direction is dramatically different. Is it the autumnal breeze that is changing his life for the better, or a new romance?

Hallmark Luke Macfarlane, Peter Porte - YouTube
Hallmark Luke Macfarlane, Peter Porte – YouTube

New Hallmark Movie Features Character Journeys

Notes of Autumn is a Hallmark movie that takes each character on a journey. According to Bart Fisher, the Vice President of Programming at Hallmark Media, “The journeys of these characters and the paths their relationships take are handled with tenderness, compassion and explored in meaningful ways.”

Hallmark Luke Macfarlane, Peter Porte - YouTube
Hallmark Luke Macfarlane, Peter Porte – YouTube

When Will Hallmark’s Notes Of Autumn Premiere?

The premiere of Hallmark’s Notes Of Autumn is on Saturday, September 16, at 8 p.m., Eastern. This movie will also be available on Peacock up to 72 hours after the premiere.

Debbie Gibson is Executive Producer Of Hallmark Movie

Singer-songwriter and actress Debbie Gibson is the executive producer of this new Hallmark movie. However, there is no hint on whether she will make a cameo or perform a song for this new fall movie.

Hallmark fans, will you be watching Luke and Ashley in this new fall movie?

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