‘Sister Wives’ Janelle & Christine Brown Talk Life After Kody

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Sister Wives rumors suggested that Janelle and Christine Brown fell out with each other but it turns out that they consider each other besties after polygamy. Of course, living with other women competing for the attention of Kody Brown wasn’t a doddle in the park emotionally. And yet, they remain close friends to this day. The news emerged when they chatted and looked back on life as a family of four wives.

Sister Wives Season 18 Sees Kody Clashing With Janelle And Christine Brown

One thing that the two women have in common, is the fact that Kody resents their new-found independence. Christine left after years of struggling with jealousy issues. Meanwhile, Janelle also left as she finally accepted that she didn’t really need Kody yelling at her after he introduced the covid-19 rules. Of course, both of them stayed on for the sake of the kids, but it was Garrison who reminded his mom that they are not kids who need a father figure these days.

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Sister Wives fans started hearing rumors that Janelle was furious with Kody’s former third wife because she became engaged to David Woolley. Well, that rumor got binned because recently, Christine outright said that they are best friends. In fact, without Kody sitting between them, they seem closer than ever before. Christine loves the way Janelle always supported her, no matter what. And fans will see her stepping up for Janelle over her housing problems in the next season.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Christine Brown  Discuss Life After Polygamy

This week, Kody’s two exes got together and chatted about life and it came on the YouTube channel of People Magazine.  Interestingly, while fans most often saw Christine speak about jealousy, Janelle admitted that she also found it hard. An interesting aside is how different the two women were, and Janelle said that she “was four” when she discovered that “people still did polygamy.” Meanwhile, Christine talked about how she “was four” when she discovered that “people didn’t” do it.

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The Sister Wives stars talked about how Kody brought tension into their lives. From Janelle’s perspective, she would rather just leave for a while. However, she always came back because of the children. Everyone knows that pretty much the two women raised those kids. When crunch time came for Janelle, she said that she and Kody had a massive fight and he drove off. Sitting in a parking lot, she realized it was the end for them, and all she could feel was “relief.”

Besties Forever?

While Sister Wives star Janelle left Kody because she wanted her independence, Christine left because she looked for “joy and peace.” When Christine told the whole family that she was leaving, it was Janelle who visited her the next day and asked her what she planned next. So Christine felt supported and loved. Later, after she had gone and she next saw Janelle, she straight away thought of her as her “sister wife.” 

She said to Janelle. “you were always so supportive of me.” Next, she talked about how when she left, despite knowing that the entire family dynamic was changing, Janelle still reached out and supported her. That seems to be very precious as she added, “You’re one of my best friends.”

In the comments, one viewer wrote, “Seeing them both so happy both individually and as sisterwives (sic) with shared responsibilities towards both of their kids is really wholesome.”

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