Cleo Regrets Relationship With Christian In Cryptic Post?

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Cleo has caught the hearts of many due to her positivity. However, a lot of viewers don’t like how she’s being treated by her boyfriend, Christian Allgood, throughout the season. The 32-year-old trans has been trying to convince fans to give their storyline a chance. But it seems she has also come to a realization as the season goes by. Recently, the Italian native shared a cryptic message that may be a hint at her regrets.

Before The 90 Days:  Things Are Not Looking Good For Cleo & Christian In Latest Episode

The August 13th episode of Before The 90 Days showed what may be one of the biggest problems between Cleo and Christian. The two had an argument about who will make the first move. The autistic trans model thinks that her partner has been acting suspiciously as he wants to keep some things a secret between them, especially when it comes to their intimacy.

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Some fans were upset, as Allgood seemed embarrassed about sleeping with a transgender person. It also appears he was successful with his antics about keeping Cleo quiet. But the TLC star is already aware of what her boyfriend has been trying to do.

Cleo Shares Cryptic Message

Cleo took to Instagram to talk about a topic seemingly related to the latest episode. According to the 90 Day Fiance star, sharing is not her choice, but she’s now carrying the weight of a choice she didn’t make. She also mentioned having a realization about not getting into a relationship until she completes her transition. “And maybe they are right, maybe I should call my transition off as it’s not gotten anywhere in 12 years,” she added. However, a lot of fans showed support for the reality TV personality.

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  • “You deserve to be loved no matter what stage you are in. You deserve that so much it just breaks my heart to hear this,” one person said.
  • “You are such a breath of fresh air on this show. You are so authentic and genuine. I hope you find true happiness and a partner that wouldn’t gaslight you like that or lie,” another commenter added.

Before The 90 Days: Cleo Continues To Stun Fans Amid Unhealthy Relationship

Cleo loves to upload gorgeous photos from her modeling gigs. It also appears that she doesn’t usually leave the house without putting on a stunning outfit. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance star shared beautiful snaps with her friend in London. She also took to social media earlier this month to share a clip about the photoshoots she did in the past. According to the reality TV star, all bodies can be attractive to someone despite all their flaws.

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It’s clear to see that Cleo is living happily outside the reality show. Furthermore, uses Instagram as a platform to spread awareness about autism.

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  1. Mental Illnesses are very difficult and being in a relationship with those mental illnesses is impossible and unfair to the other people.

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