‘LPBW’: Josiah Roloff Looks Exactly Like Cousins, Fans React

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Little People Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff love to share beautiful pictures with their kids. Fans are also spoiled with their stunning family snaps due to the 31-year-old’s job as a photographer. Some fans are also starting to notice the resemblance between the Roloff cousins. Recently, fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Josiah’s similarities to some of Jeremy Roloff’s kids.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Sees A Bright Future For Her Son

Tori recently posted a sweet message for her son Josiah on social media. The mother-of-three says he has been strong-willed and independent, and she thinks that one day he will be like King Josiah. Zach’s third child was also born with achondroplasia. But their family situation doesn’t keep them from being happy. Many LPBW fans also like how the husband and wife help their kids follow their dreams. Jackson is one of them. This year, he took part in sports events with his parents’ guidance.

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Fans React To Roloff Cousins’ Similarities

LPBW fans on Reddit said that Josiah looks a lot like his cousins Radley and Bode. Even though Jeremy’s kids don’t have achondroplasia, some people say they look similar. A few also mentioned their parents are fraternal twins, which might explain their likeness. Others added that the one-year-old child’s nose looked like Bode’s. While there are some who said they look more like their grandfather, Matt Roloff.

Josiah Bode Radley Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit
  • “Josiah and the middle one look like Matt,” one person said.
  • Yeah.. especially Josiah… Even his facial expressions mirror Matt,” another user commented.

Little People Big World: How’s Jeremy Roloff & Kids?

Jeremy and Audrey have been sharing their happy lives on social media. The 32-year-old mother recently shared a clip of her children making ice cream. She also has a goal of making her kids spend more than 1,000 hours outdoors. On the other hand, Jeremy’s building projects have kept him busy. He had already posted about his Rockwall project, which aims to build a wall around his $1.5 million mansion. But despite his tight schedule, he still makes sure to spend time with his kids. There are also times when the 33-year-old father brings them to his worksite and lets them play around his vehicles.

Audrey Jeremy Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @jeremyroloff Instagram

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