‘Y&R’ Eric Braeden Sends Loud Message About Leaving Soap

Eric Braeden

The Young And The Restless star Eric Braeden is sending out a loud message about if he will be leaving the soap soon or not. Since his cancer diagnosis fans have wondered if he was going to move on. So what did Eric have to say about leaving Y&R?

Eric Braeden’s Cancer

Back in April, Eric Braeden was diagnosed with cancer. He has played Victor Newman for four decades. At the time, he explained that he was having some issues with his prostate. He went to the hospital and even saw a few doctors before he got a cancer diagnosis finally. He wants to raise awareness about prostate issues and shared saying, “As you get older, your prostate grows and it impinges the urethra. It means you have to go to the potty a lot more than you want to. That is sometimes the beginning of some trouble.” His first doctor gave him the wrong diagnosis and it wasn’t until his second doctor that he got real answers.

Is He Leaving The Young And The Restless?

Eric Braeden made it clear that he isn’t planning to leave the role of Victor Newman. Recently on Twitter, fans were asking him if he was going to leave the show. Eric responded to all the questions and said, “NOT LEAVING! No intention either!!” He wanted to make it clear that he isn’t going anywhere no matter what. The fact that he has cancer isn’t going to let him change his plans. Eric loves being a soap actor and has been doing it for years. He has made it clear this is his passion.

It would actually be shocking if Eric Braeden ever left The Young And The Restless. Back in April, these rumors were going wild as well. When Eric revealed that he had cancer, the fans thought it meant his time on the show was done. Back then when a fan asked him if he was leaving, he replied “Hell no!” He isn’t going to let a little cancer keep him from acting on the soap. He didn’t let his knee surgery get him to retire either.


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Do you think that Eric Braeden should leave The Young And The Restless? Do you feel like he will ever leave the show? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Y&R weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Eric Braden is the back bone of the y&r. Glad to know he is not leaving the show. It wouldn’t be the same without out him.

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