Josiah Roloff Yells For Zach In Adorable Photo Dump

Zach Roloff Instagram, Josiah Roloff

Little People, Big World star Josiah Roloff is yelling for his dad, Zach, in an adorable new photo dump. Tori Roloff took to social media to document this precious moment for LPBW fans to see. Scroll down to take a look at the latest pictures of the growing little guy, and see just how adorable this moment was.

There have been lots of big changes for the littlest Roloff.

In April, Josiah celebrated his first birthday! Since then, he’s been growing and changing very quickly. Thanks to social media, fans have had the chance to be a part of every moment of the action. They’ve been able to watch the little one hit many of his milestones.

Most recently, Tori Roloff shared with fans about taking away his pacifiers, which was a big adjustment. She revealed that he has been her easiest child overall, but he was the most attached to the pacifier. So, the first couple of days were rough, but he’s doing much better now.

Now, Tori is showing her followers an adorable moment that she couldn’t get over.

Zach Roloff Instagram, Josiah Roloff
Zach Roloff Instagram, Josiah Roloff

Josiah Roloff yells for his dad, Zach, in an adorable photo dump.

On her Instagram Stories this weekend, Tori Roloff gave fans a peek into her life with her three kids. At one point, she spent some time outside with her youngest, Josiah. As we reported, while playing outdoors, his big sister, Lilah, enjoyed picking up some extra responsibilities and caring for him.

But Tori also documented a few solo moments of Josiah Roloff. In one snap, the one-year-old explored, leaning over a big log and looking in his mom’s direction. It looks like he was playing with a toy dump truck, as one can be seen close by.

Another shot features Josiah sitting on the grass and looking up at the sky. Since it’s just a photo, Tori offered an explanation of what was going on, noting, “This is him literally yelling da.” She added a couple of laughing emojis as well.

Finally, she took a precious photo of Josiah hanging out in the wagon. He hung onto the edge of the wagon with both hands, and mom Tori thought it was just too cute. She said she wants to remember his “sweet fingers” forever.

Below, you can see the adorable photos of the one-year-old as he yelled for his daddy.

Tori Roloff Instagram - Josiah Roloff
Tori Roloff Instagram – Josiah Roloff

So, what do you think of Tori Roloff’s newest photo dump? Do you love these photos of Josiah Roloff yelling for his dad, Zach, and hanging out outside? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates about the Roloffs.

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