‘Bringing Up Bates’ Evan Stewart Drops Hints On Family Drama?

Bringing Up Bates - Evan Stewart YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans think Evan Stewart might be dropping hints about family drama. For months, fans have speculated about who might be feuding with who. And now, a recent comment from Carlin Bates’ husband, Evan, is stirring things up once again. What did Evan say? And what do fans think it could mean? Keep reading for all of the details and see for yourself.

Fans speculate about Bringing Up Bates drama.

If you’re a fan of the Bates family, you may have seen fans discussing potential conflicts between various family members. Their social media followers often read into the content they share, sparking debates about who might be feuding with who. For a while, it was believed that Erin Bates Paine was on poor terms with Carlin and Whitney Bates.

Others suspect that Tiffany Espensen, Lawson Bates’ wife, may not get along with her in-laws. However, the Bates family hasn’t spoken out about their potential feuds. They tend to keep things positive on social media and don’t speak poorly of their relatives.

Bringing Up Bates - Evan Stewart YouTube
Bringing Up Bates – Evan Stewart YouTube

Evan Stewart fuels rumors.

In a recent YouTube video, Evan made a very brief comment that sparked a major discussion on Reddit. The former UPtv star mentioned Zach and Whitney, who he and Carlin are very close with. He mentioned that Whitney and Zach are both family and friends to him and Carlin.

Then, Evan asked, “Can you have family without being friends? I think so.”

Bringing Up Bates fans read into this recent comment.

After watching this clip of Evan talking about family and friends, Bringing Up Bates fans went over to Reddit to discuss it. Some seem to think this is proof that he and Carlin are not close with Erin and Chad Paine anymore. They all used to be involved in the Bates Sisters Boutique, but Erin and Chad ultimately stepped away. Fans have also noticed that Erin and Carlin don’t seem to interact much.

One fan started this conversation by asking, “Do y’all think this is Evan’s way of letting us know that they are definitely not friends with the Paines?”

Someone chimed in and said this is a “way to stir up the youtube viewership lol.”

Others are calling Evan out for being “messy” or “tacky” for bringing up family drama. As of now, it’s unclear what this comment is actually about. And the Bates may or may not speak out about it. Fans certainly have their theories though.

So, do you think this is a hint that there’s some drama within the Bringing Up Bates family? Or do you think Evan Stewart’s comment was general and innocent? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bates family.

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