‘Bachelorette’ Sean McLaughlin’s Dad Steven’s Dark Past

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Bachelorette contestant Sean McLaughlin’s Dad Steven reportedly has a dark past. Sean has been looking for love on Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette. So far he’s still in the running for her heart. Outside of the show, as they do with every contestant, his past is being dragged to the surface. This time though it’s not about him, it’s about his dad, Steven. Keep reading to find out more.

Sean McLaughlin’s dad has a dark past

Sean McLaughlin’s dad Steven McLaughlin reportedly has a dark past. The Sun shared details about all the allegations Steven had against him years ago. First of all, he is a former Republican member of the New York State Assembly and the current County Executive of Rensselaer County, New York.

According to the report, Steven was accused of multiple wrongdoings including sexual harassment and bullying allegations, high-profile complaints, and stealing money from his campaign fund.

In 2017, an unnamed female legislative aide accused Steven of “roughing her up.” He also allegedly called her “an awful f***ing human being,” “still fat” and “a vicious c**t.”

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After this alleged incident, it was found out that in 2016 he had asked another female aide for nude photos.

The report indicates that Steven denied any of this ever taking place. However, after a lengthy 17-month investigation, it was shared that Steve lied to investigators and the accuser’s name was leaked.

Once this investigation concluded he was not allowed to hire any more interns. He was also forced to complete more training in regard to the sexual harassment policies.

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It didn’t end there and got worse

In 2021, Steven was arrested and indicted on two felony counts, including grand larceny in the third degree for misusing campaign funds to pay personal debts.

According to the report, he took money from his campaign account to settle a debt with another staff member. He was also accused of filing a false document in which he claimed the funds were used for his campaign consulting.

This was also investigated and the end result was finalized earlier this year. In January, Steven was acquitted of these charges. He was found not guilty after a two-day trial. After the charges were dropped against him, the documents were sealed.

Sean has not brought up the allegations that were made against his father to Charity, at least not from what has been aired on ABC.

What do you think about his father’s political past?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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