‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Gets Smacked With Hard Truth

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Sister Wives Season 18 is happening! TLC fans naturally seem very excited but teasers reveal that Meri Brown who faces some hard truths, isn’t smiling at all. Meanwhile, ‘Sobyn Robyn’ isn’t dancing on the rooftops with joy, either. Everyone seems angry, and Kody Brown looks like he swallowed needles for breakfast.

Sister Wives Season 18 Examines More About Meri Brown Leaving

TLC fans are familiar with Robyn Brown crying and Meri looking miserable, and they can expect much more of that in the upcoming season of the show. Remember last season, Robyn wanted Meri to stick around like a lap dog? During the Tell-All, viewers heard that Kody gave his former first wife her marching orders. Obviously, with Christine, Janelle, and Meri gone, people thought that Robyn would celebrate being the only wife. However, she wails and cries in the new trailer more than ‘Miserable Meri’ does.

In Season 17, Sister Wives viewers watched as Christine move out of Flagstaff and went away to Utah. Meanwhile, her former sister wife, Meri, who didn’t get along with her, looked set to stay and be besties with Robyn. Actually, viewers trashed Robyn and Meri for gaslighting Christine really badly. By the time the Tell-All came along, both women ended up wrong-footed as Kody manned up and told Meri to leave. In Season 18, fans will see much more about that.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Faces Some Very Hard Truths

In December 2022, fans couldn’t get over the way the mom of Leon still clung to the hope that Kody might take her back one day. On Instagram, she posted up a long caption, where she shared a photo of herself with Kody. the TLC star claimed she still loves him, and always will. While the photo showed happier days, those blissful times are long gone now. These days, she lives in Parowanh in Utah and runs her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, with her bestie, Jenn Sullivan.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Gets Smacked With Hard Truth TLC Instagram
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Season 18 of Sister Wives will show her journey as she moves away from Flagstaff carrying some hard truths away with her. In the trailer footage, Kody finally asks what every single fan asked for years now: “Why is she even still in Flagstaff?” Basically, Kody told her that he was “done” with her. Meanwhile, Meri gets miserable and tells Robyn that she still “hopes” that one day, Kody might change his mind. Whereupon, Robyn breaks down crying and gets in Kody’s face about it because she wanted to be part of a big happy family.

Tons Of Drama

Certainly, the new Sister Wives season looks full to the brim with drama. And yet somehow, it doesn’t seem to be contrived. Even Meri noted the drama, saying.“Everything’s changing.” She said to Janelle, “Dare I say drama?”

Are you excited to see the new season? Do you feel sorry for Meri Brown who heard some hard truths from Kody? Is this the time to move along and find a real man who loves her? Sing out in the comments below.

The new season premieres on TLC on August 20. In the meantime, you can watch the full trailer below.

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