‘Bringing Up Bates’ Travis Clark Injured After 4th Of July Festivities

Travis Clark - Bringing Up Bates- Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Travis Clark is injured after the 4th of July festivities with his family. Unfortunately, there was a mishap that left him all bandaged up. What went wrong that led to Katie Bates’ husband’s injury? And how serious is it? Keep reading for all of the details.

The Bringing Up Bates family gets together for the 4th of July.

Every year on Independence Day, the Bates family reunites at Papa Bill and Mama Jane‘s property in South Carolina. Bill and Jane are Gil Bates’ parents. Not only do they celebrate the 4th of July there, but they also celebrate Papa Bill’s and Kelton Balka’s (Josie Bates’ husband) birthdays. Travis and Katie drove from New Jersey, while other family members traveled from Tennessee and Arkansas. It looks like almost everyone was able to make it for this fun gathering.

Unfortunately, this year, Travis ended up all bandaged up by the end of the festivities.

Travis Clark - Bringing Up Bates- Instagram
Travis Clark – Bringing Up Bates- Instagram

Travis Clark is injured during the festivities.

On her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, July 5, Katie Bates revealed to fans that her husband hurt himself pretty badly. Below, you can see Travis’ bandaged hands.

Travis Clark - Bringing Up Bates- Instagram
Travis Clark – Bringing Up Bates- Instagram

Before Katie and Travis told the full story of what happened, Bringing Up Bates fans speculated it might have been a fireworks mishap.

A little later, Travis and Katie explained to their Instagram followers what had happened. He was racing some of the guys to see who could climb a rope the fastest. When Travis slipped, he had the option to fall 15 to 20 feet down to the ground or grab the rope and burn his hands. He ended up with blisters all over his hands.

Travis and Katie decided not to show fans the blisters because of how bad they looked. The Bringing Up Bates couple said that the burns and blisters went several layers deep. However, they didn’t appear to go to the doctor to have them checked out. Some of Katie’s brothers helped wrap up Travis’ hands.

Due to his injury, Katie Bates will have to do all of the driving on their trip back to New Jersey. Hopefully, his hands start feeling better in no time!

So, are you shocked that Travis Clark hurt himself so badly on the rope? Are you relieved to hear it wasn’t a fireworks mishap? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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