What Happened To Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff?

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Back in February, Yellowstone fans got the first whiff that Taylor Sheridan is creating a spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey. Since then, viewers of the Paramount series have been holding on to that promise with every scary Kevin Costner quitting the OG series headline.

However, there has been no news on this series. Here is what we know about Matthew McConaughey’s Yellowstone spinoff.

What Happened To Matthew McConaughey’s Yellowstone Spinoff?

There has been a lot of buzz about the new Matthew McConaughey’s Yellowstone spinoff. What is going on with this new series? Taylor Sheridan, who was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, shared an update.

Currently, Paramount is in “late-stage negotiations” with the Dallas Buyers Club star. However, Sheridan and McConaughey have been talking about doing something for quite some time. Sheridan revealed that Matthew told him, “I want to do that,” after watching Yellowstone.

Sheridan told him, “Buddy, that we can do.”

Yellowstone, Cole Hauser, Matthew McConaughey - Instagram
Yellowstone, Cole Hauser, Matthew McConaughey – Instagram

What Is Matthew McConaughey’s Yellowstone Spinoff About?

Taylor Sheridan has revealed that this story is still in development. Moreover, he has only “the broadest strokes” of this spinoff. That means he likely does not have all the characters and storylines worked out.

While Sheridan has spoken to Matthew McConaughey, he is not ready to reveal the story. But, Sheridan is known to cast a star and then write the story around that star. This is exactly what he did with Zoe Saldana in Lioness, and Isabel May in 1883.

The story that Taylor writes for Matthew McConaughey is going to be tailor-made for him. As he stated, they have been talking. This promises to be exciting.

Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan - Instagram
Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan – Instagram

Which Yellowstone OG Stars Are Going To New Matthew McConaughey Series?

Although the original news about the new Matthew McConaughey Yellowstone series indicated that some OG stars would move over to this series, that seems to have changed. Taylor Sheridan gave a clue that this is a whole other series. “My idea of a spinoff is the same as my idea of a prequel–read into that what you will.” This is a “new chapter” in this universe.

Sounds like the prolific showrunner wants a fresh slate. He shared that “There are lots of places where a way of life that existed for 150 years is slamming against a new way of life, but the challenges are completely different. There are a lot of places you can tell this story.”

He even has hinted that this series will be somewhere completely different. But, this spinoff will still have “Yellowstone” in the title no matter where the story takes place.

Yellowstone, Matthew McConaughey - Instagram
Yellowstone, Matthew McConaughey – Instagram

When Will Spinoff Premiere?

When should fans expect the new Matthew McConaughey series to premiere on Paramount+? Since May, there has been a writer’s strike. Subsequently, this new Yellowstone spinoff will not be made until the WGA strike is over. That is because this script has not yet been written.

Currently, the strike rules do not allow any new television series writing done while the union is on strike. That means the story can be percolated in Taylor Sheridan’s head, but he cannot write scripts for an estimated eight-episode season.

Therefore, it seems more likely that 2024 is the earliest that fans can expect to see this new series.

Yellowstone fans, what are your thoughts about a Matthew McConaughey spinoff?



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