Amy King Tells Son To ‘Obey’, Amid Her Criticism Of Duggars

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Counting On alum Amy King has been one of the most controversial relatives of the Duggars. She’s been calling out Jim Bob and Michelle for their bad parenting. The 36-year-old mother also participated in the Amazon Prime Video documentary against the Duggar family and the IBLP. However, it seems that some fans have an issue with the former reality TV personality. Recently, Amy was called out for her recent clip, in which she shares how she disciplines her only child.

Counting On: Amy King Continues To Call Out IBLP

Amy uses social media as her platform to spread awareness about the IBLP. She’s been calling them out for their questionable teachings. The former TLC star also revealed having the feeling of condoning abuse if she doesn’t speak out. Jinger and Jill are on their cousin’s side when it comes to exposing Bill Gothard. But it seems Amy wasn’t able to break Jim Bob and Michelle. The Duggar parents even released a statement expressing their disappointment in the documentary.

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Amy Slammed In Latest Parenting Clip

Amy recently shared a clip of herself trying to discipline Daxton. During the clip, the Counting On alum carefully explained to her son that he shouldn’t play with scissors. She also told Daxton to obey her and hand over the sharp tool. However, fans have different opinions regarding the Duggar cousin’s parenting. “I don’t like this new parenting of telling your child to “obey”.. can we use another word that’s better?” one person said. “I love your parenting but not the obey part,” another person commented. Meanwhile, others commend Amy for showing an example that kids will listen without unnecessary force.

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Counting On: Amy King Fires Back

Amy King did not hold back on the criticism she received in her latest clip. “Kids need grace to mess up and learn!” she answered in one of the comments. She also took the opportunity to explain that she doesn’t want to follow the practices of the IBLP. “Besides I don’t want him [to] learn ‘instant obedience’ like the IBLP does,” the Shiny Happy People star added. Some fans discussed why she had to enforce the “mommy wine” culture. But she responded by saying, “Being after a long day, it’s OK to have a glass and relax and recharge for another amazing day with your kids.”

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It’s clear that Amy will not back down when it comes to her kids. It also appears that she wouldn’t stop trying to expose the IBLP until she finally convinced her cousins.

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