Why Is Target Suing Kim Zolciak?

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Kim Zolciak starred on the Bravo show Don’t Be Tardy. Now fans see the reality tv star going through a messy public divorce while being sued. Kim does not seem to be having the best time right now. Her ex-husband Kroy Biermann was also just sued for something, it just gets messier and messier with these two. Kim and Kroy share five children, two of which Biermann adopted while the two were married. Fans feel bad for the children as they are getting stuck in the middle of their parents’ troubles.

The Divorced Couple Has A Lot Of Financial Baggage

Not only have Kroy and Kim been airing out their dirty laundry, but they also have a lot of financial baggage to go along with it. According to TMZ, the formerly married couple supposedly owes the IRS a ton of money, $1 million to be exact. Kroy Biermann has also been sued. The former NFL player was sued for not paying back a line of credit at a casino located in the Bahamas. They are charging Kroy the amount of his bill, interest, and attorney fees. Not only that but he is also being sued for not making payments on a Rolls-Royce. Now Kim is getting sued by a big box store for not paying her bill.


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Kim Zolciak Is Getting Sued By A Popular Store

Target is suing Kim Zolciak for not paying to off her credit. It seems to be a similar situation to her ex-husband’s. However, for not near as much. Kim’s bill is $2,482.24. The bank that runs Target’s credit lines has been trying to get payments from Kim. However, the bank has been unsuccessful and has not received any payments since September, which was a $500 payment. Kim opened up the credit card way back in 2007, but they have not had trouble receiving payments until recently. Fans are curious as to what changed with the tv star as they did not seem to have these financial problems in the past. Target is suing Kim for the bill amount and interest.

Fans are speculating that financial problems could be the main source of the two’s divorce. Kroy also accused Kim of having a gambling addiction and is trying to get full custody of his children. However, viewers are quickly catching on to the fact that both parties are at fault.

Can you believe Kim did not pay her Target credit card payment? Fans are astonished by the fact that she let it get this bad. The two do not have good financial control. What do you think is next for Kim? Will she get sued again by someone else? Sound off in the comments below.

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