Brendan Penny Wants Erin Krakow Reunion For ‘The Wedding Cottage’ Sequel

The Wedding Cottage Brendan Penny, Erin Krakow - Instagram

One of the biggest Hallmark fan-favorites in 2023 so far has been The Wedding Cottage, starring Brendan Penny and Erin Krakow. The Chesapeake Shores alum wants a sequel to this movie. He is not the only one.

Could Hallmark make a second Wedding Cottage movie?

Brendan Penney Wants The Wedding Cottage Sequel

Hallmark’s The Wedding Cottage is a 2023 movie that fans adored. Starring Erin Krakow and Brendan Penney, this is the story of a renowned artist who is trying to find a spark of passion in his craft. His life is disrupted when a wedding planner, Vanessa, insists on using the cottage that Evan inherited from his late mother for a soldier’s wedding.

Vanessa is relentless in her desire to fix up the cottage. She wants a perfect wedding for this soldier and his fiancée. That means securing the cottage which has seen better days.

Brendan Penny, The Wedding Cottage - Instagram
Brendan Penny, The Wedding Cottage – Instagram

As Vanessa restores the place, she and Evan become close. Now, he has found his muse and his art reflects the love he feels for her. After mistakenly thinking she was only interested in him for his fame, the two are reunited.

Speaking to Just Jared, Brendan Penney wants to know what happens next to Vanessa and Evan. He already sees the couple getting married. “They could make a second movie out of it for sure. Where we have our wedding at the Wedding Cottage, you know, and the hijinks that are involved with that.”

Most of all, he wants to work with the When Calls The Heart star. He thinks that Hallmark could make many sequels or even a series based on this story. “I hope it could have 10 films out of it so I could work with Erin again.”

However, Hallmark has not yet indicated whether there will be a sequel to this popular movie.

Brendan Penny, Erin Krakow The Wedding Cottage - Instagram
Brendan Penny, Erin Krakow The Wedding Cottage – Instagram

Erin Krakow Celebrates Brendan Penney

It sounds like The Wedding Cottage stars are part of a mutual appreciation society. On Friday, Erin Krakow shared a birthday wish for Brendan on her Instagram. “Happy Birthday to this knucklehead, @therealbrendan_penny, who makes me laugh at nothing & everything. #danish #lozenge #cottagecheese.”

One fan commented, “What a great movie duo” They continued by stating that the duo “rocked The Wedding Cottage” before giving Brendan birthday greetings.

Other fans asked that the two reunite for another movie. People loved their chemistry together.

Brendan Penny, Erin Krakow The Wedding Cottage - Instagram
Brendan Penny, Erin Krakow The Wedding Cottage – Instagram

There Is A Petition For The Wedding Cottage Sequel

Hallmark fans are so crazy about Erin Krakow and Brendan Penny acting together that one fan has created a petition for a Wedding Cottage sequel. The petition points out that the duo had such a “fun time” acting together, a sequel is warranted.

Hallmark fans, would you like to see a sequel to this movie? Or would you rather see Erin and Brenden in a different movie altogether?


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