Christine Brown Reveals Sexy Tattoo That Has Deep Meaning

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Christine Brown gained a lot of attention on her recent Nashville trip with her fiance, David Woolley. The soon-to-be-married couple participated in an event held by Plexus. The Sister Wives star also surprised fans in her black, revealing dress. However, what caught the eyes of many was the tattoo on the 51-year-old’s chest.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Finally Free

Sister Wives fans have seen the restrictions in life that Christine had to go through during her time with Kody. She never had the time and freedom for herself, which is the complete opposite of what she’s able to do today. Fans are also happy for the mother of three, as she now gets to live her exciting new life with her future husband, David. Kody has yet to share his comments regarding his ex-wife’s upcoming wedding. But some fans believe that it’s a big slap to the polygamist, especially with his claims that Christine will never be happy outside the plural family.

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Message Of Christine’s Tattoo

Christine’s tattoo has been a hot topic since her recent trip to Nashville. Some thought it was fake and only a part of the Plexus event. However, it was discovered to be legitimate and has a deeper meaning. According to reports, the 51-year-old’s chest art symbolizes “new beginnings,” which is a clear indication of her fresh start with David. Additionally, some fans think that the ex-sister wife’s tattoo is a message that she has now achieved the independence she seeks after a deprived life with Kody.

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Sister Wives: Christine Shares Experience Wearing The Stunning Dress

Christine also took to Instagram to thank the person who designed her dazzling black dress at the Plexus Convention. According to the Sister Wives star, she loves the dress and she had to take a big leap to wear something outside of her comfort zone. Furthermore, the 51-year-old mother said that everything was worth it because she felt sexy and beautiful. Many of Christine’s followers also agreed with her thoughts and told her to keep doing the things that she wasn’t able to do with her ex-husband.

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It’s evident how content the mother of six has become with David. The two are currently preparing for their wedding. They have yet to share when they are getting hitched. But an insider close to the family claimed that a July wedding is highly possible.

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