Stassi Schroeder Gets Bad Vibes From Her Babies?

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Does Stassi Schroeder really get bad vibes from her babies? The Vanderpump Rules alum is currently expecting her second child, a little boy. Yet, do these children bring her negativity? More so, what could she possibly mean by that? Read on for more details.

Stassi Schroeder Gets Bad Vibes From Her Babies?

It is no secret that Stassi Schroeder loves horror and the paranormal. So much so that for Katie Maloney’s bachelorette weekend, she took the girls on a haunted tour of New Orleans. Stassi loves anything creepy or having to do with murder and ghosts so of course, she would get vibes from her babies. She and her husband, Beau Clark are already parents to a little girl, Hartford, 2. Soon though, they will be a family of four with the addition of their son. However, are Stassi’s babies giving her bad vibes? According to Page Six, Stassi Schroeder talked about her kids during her recent tour stop at The Paramount in New York.

Vanderpump Rules Credit: Stassi Schroeder IG
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She explained that each time she is expecting, all goes awry in Vanderpump-land. Per Stassi: “I do have this theory that my babies are like bad omens for ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ which is kind of on-brand when you think about it.” She then went on to give examples so the audience could better understand what she meant. “My first pregnancy, I got canceled. Not ideal, not fun. My second pregnancy, Scandoval.” Stassi said she would have to hand out a warning if she were to have a third child down the road. 

Stassi Schroeder, Hartford, Beau Clark/Facebook
Stassi, Hartford, Beau-Facebook

For timeline reference, Stassi Schroeder was fired from Vanderpump Rules back in June 2020. She wasn’t alone as Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Cap were also let go from the series. Yet, within days, Stassi’s first pregnancy came out. Then, the same day that Ariana Madix discovered that Tom Sandoval had been cheating on her, Stassi shared she was pregnant again. That was March 1, 2023, but the world did not learn of ‘Scandoval’ until a few days later.

Timing Is Everything

No one knew that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were having a months-long affair behind Ariana Madix’s back. It just so happened that Stassi Schroeder could not hide her second pregnancy any longer. She had to share it with her fans and followers. Then, that evening, Ariana was watching Sandoval perform at TomTom when his phone fell out of his pocket.

Tom Sandoval/IG
Tom, Ariana-Instagram

When she opened it up, that was when she learned he was being unfaithful. It took about two days to make it to the public sphere and dominate the Bravo-sphere. Maybe Stassi’s babies are just a sixth sense that something is amiss in the Pump Rules arena and they need to be extra careful.

Do you think Stassi Schroeder’s babies align with Vanderpump drama or is it just coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.

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