‘LPBW:’ Matt Roloff Defends His Questionable Choice

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Little People, Big World fans have been concerned for Matt Roloff lately. On top of the health issues, LPBW fans are calling him out for his questionable choice online. But it seems that he’s ready to defend himself and the people he is asking his fans to donate to.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Always Busy Amid Fans Backlash

The LPBW star is currently working on his dream house for long-time love Caryn Chandler. He recently proposed to his lady love and she said Yes. This special house has been Caryn’s dream for many years and now Matt is making it all come true. Matt’s recent hospitalization may have slowed things down but things are still going up pretty fast. Matt has used some of his time to ask fans to do something they are not all on board with. Read on to see what Matt Roloff has done to stir his fans up.

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Matt Defends His Questionable Promotion

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is facing tons of controversies with his recent social media post. Fans have been put off by his recent Gofundme. According to Matt, he’s asking for help to provide money for a family whose one member also suffers from the same condition of dwarfism.

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However, the main purpose of the fundraiser was to help the family buy a van and go on vacation. Due to this, fans called out Matt and asked him to help the family himself due to his wealth. Others also pointed out the controversial background of the family. But Matt is ready to defend them and himself. “Natalia Grace, an orphan from Ukraine who was accused of pretending to be a 6-year-old girl by her adoptive parents,” one person said. “Wrong. Watch the series,” Matt answered. Some LPBW fans also told Matt that they’re willing to give money if it’s about hospitalization or something serious. The Natalia Grace story has the world divided because the Russian orphan dwarf was accused of trying to kill the American family that adopted her. People find it very strange that Matt inserted himself into such an explosive topic.

LPBW: What’s Next For Matt Roloff?

At this point, Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is still trying to recover after getting hospitalized weeks ago. He revealed that his body is finally ready to get back to work. But he was advised to take things easier. Some fans are asking Matt to remove his recent post about the fundraiser as well. But it’s clear that he’s determined to help the controversial family.

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Photo Credit: @mattroloff Instagram

It seems that Matt will do his best to reach out and help those who are suffering from dwarfism. Some LPBW fans are also praising his efforts despite the questionable goal of the fundraiser.

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