Lawson Bates’ Big Announcement Finally Revealed

Lawson Bates & Tiffany Espensen Instagram - Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates‘ big announcement has finally been revealed! The 30-year-old has been teasing his special news for the past couple of weeks, and now, fans finally get to see what’s going on. So, what did Lawson and his wife, Tiffany Espensen Bates, reveal to fans this week? Keep reading for all of the details.

Tiffany & Lawson Bates Tease Huge News

On Thursday, May 11, Lawson took to Instagram to let fans know that he and his wife had a big announcement coming soon. They said People would share the news on Friday, May 12.

Lawson Bates + Tiffany Bates YouTube - Bringing Up Bates
Lawson Bates + Tiffany Bates YouTube – Bringing Up Bates

However, the news was delayed. It didn’t come out on Friday, May 12 as planned, and it actually wasn’t released until almost three weeks later. Fans wondered what was going on, and Lawson said it was out of their control.

Below, you can check out the post. After posting it, Lawson edited it to say that the news would be coming “soon.”


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Bringing Up Bates Fans Make Predictions

In the comments section of Lawson’s post, fans rushed in to share their predictions for this big announcement. Many thought the couple might be expecting a baby, while others thought it could be a big move out to California, which is where Tiffany is from. Some of their fans also guessed it was music-related.

On Reddit and other sites, fans also speculated about the delay. Some felt that the couple was just click-baiting their followers. Others thought Tiffany was pregnant but facing complications.

Tiffany & Lawson Bates Share Big Announcement

Late on Wednesday, May 31, People exclusively shared Lawson and Tiffany’s big announcement. Lawson has released a music video for his newest song, Vows. The couple celebrated one year of marriage on May 12, so the timing was perfect.

The singer told People about the meaning behind his song. He said, “Writing Vows meant so much more to me than just another country love song. When I sat down to pen the perfect song for my wedding day, I wanted to truly encapsulate how I felt about committing to the love of my life and how I’d feel in that special moment as she walked down the aisle into our forever.”

In the music video, Lawson Bates plays the piano out in the desert while his wife, Tiffany, walks through many different doors, symbolizing the phases leading up to their wedding day. The video also includes clips from their wedding day.

So, what do you think of Tiffany and Lawson Bates’ big announcement? Is this what you were expecting it to be? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. You can watch the new music video below.

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