Conor McGregor Dumps Unknown, Demands His Fighters For Show

Conor McGregor

The new season of The Ultimate Fighter is here and it turns out that Conor McGregor dumped unknown fighters to bring in two of his own for the show. One fighter went to TikTok to share what happened to him on the show. He was supposed to get his chance to fight, but because of Conor that didn’t happen for him.

New Season Of The Ultimate Fighter

The new season of The Ultimate Fighter is Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler. This season started last night and Conor is coaching all-new fighters and Chandler is coaching the vets. This season started out with Chandler’s team getting a win when Roosevelt Roberts beat Nate Jennerman with an impressive first-round knockout.  It took him only eight seconds to knock out Nate Jennerman in an impressive first fight for the season. Nate was very disappointed with his performance.

Conor McGreger
Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Changes Fighters On Season 31

In a new TikTok posted below, it turns out that Conor McGregor had a lot of control over the fighters in this season of the show. Fighter Mitch Ramirez posted this video explaining what happened to him and why he isn’t on Season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter. He revealed that he was told that he was selected for the show. He dropped everything including stopping working. Mitch was told that he made the cut and even did interviews for the show. He was ready to change his life and get a chance at a UFC contract, but that didn’t end up happening.

He explained that at 7 p.m. they were supposed to come and take his phone away for the show. Nobody showed up and at around 10 p.m. production finally came in and told him that he wouldn’t be on the show. Conor actually brought two of his guys with him and insisted that they were on the show. Because Mitch had the fewest number of fights he was kicked off the show.

Mitch is pretty upset about this and wanted his shot. He explained that the next morning he ended up with a staph infection from sharing equipment at the hotel. This could have actually kept him from being on the show as well, but he didn’t mention that at all.


Mitch Ramirez reveals that Conor McGregor is the reason he got kicked off of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Mitch Ramirez is a professional MMA fighter with an impressive undefeated record of 7 – 0, and was chosen to be on the new season of the reality show TUF. Mitch explains that after spending thousands of dollars and 10 days in a hotel for fighter meetings and media, a producer from the show told Mitch Ramirez that he was off the show due to Conor McGregor demanding his 2 teammates come on the show instead. #conormcgregor #ufc #mma

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Are you surprised that Conor McGregor was able to change who was on the show? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss watching The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 on Tuesday nights.

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