Selena Gomez Yells At Security Guard At Beyonce Concert

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Selena Gomez was recently spotted yelling at a security guard at a Beyonce concert. There is a lot of speculation about what was going on. Check out the video and find out what happened at Beyonce’s tour stop during her Renaissance tour. Selena was there as a fan just to enjoy the concert.

Selena Gomez Yells At Security Guard

TMZ shared about Selena Gomez yelling at the security guard at this recent concert. This was at Beyonce’s concert in Paris on Friday. She was seen crossing the area by the main stage and it was obvious she was upset with a security guard. There is some confusion on if this was one of Selena’s guards or if it was someone working the concert. You can check out the video below.


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What Upset Selena?

There is some speculation about what upset Selena Gomez, but nobody seems to know for sure. The clip right before it went down shows fans running up to her. You can see on Selena’s face that she was very upset with the security guard as she is yelling at them. Many fan accounts said that security was bad toward the fans who rushed toward her. Speculation is also that the security guard shoved a fan who was trying to come up and meet her. Selena has made it clear she cares about her fans. She was seen at the concert giving fans high fives as she walked past them. Gomez didn’t seem to mind that they were trying to meet her at all.

Some people are praising Selena for standing up for her fans. Others feel like she took it too far and shouldn’t have yelled at security. It is really hard to know for sure without knowing the entire story.

Taylor Swift Defends Fan At Concert

Selena Gomez’s close friend Taylor Swift recently defended a fan at her concert. A security guard was trying to remove her from the concert and Taylor stopped the show to yell at explain that the fan didn’t do anything wrong. Taylor was very upset and even gave the girl tickets to come back and see another one of her shows. This went viral on TikTok as well. You can see it in the YouTube video below.

Were you shocked to see Selena Gomez yelling at a security guard? What do you think went down? Sound off in the comments below.

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